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Tunha’s Journey For Excellency

Tunha Sultana is the second youngest among five of her siblings. Her father, who has a business of ‘Cooling Corner’ struggles every day to support their big family. Her mother has recently joined as an assistant of a nurse at BRAC Mental Centre but has no earnings as she’s still learning.

Tunha wants to become a police officer when she grows up. it is the ongoing crimes in our country that motivates her to want to pursue this profession. But just few years back, she could even imagine anything in her future, other than getting married.

Everything changed when she got admitted to JAAGO Foundation Chittagong School. She is now a class 6 student of this school. She is now confident and brave to build a better future for herself.

Gardening is Tunha’s hobby, she likes to plant trees with her mother whenever she can. She has read in her books how global warming is affecting the world and climate. She always spreads awareness among her friends about how our country is being affected by this global warming and the significance of planting trees to prevent it.

Tunha’s day starts, very early in the morning every day. After helping her mother with daily chores, she takes care of her small garden. At this very young age, she helps her mother with the cooking and finally heads towards school. She comes home in the afternoon and finishes her homework. But none of this daily activities could stop her going from school. She loves her school and science is her favorite subject.

In last year’s annual exam, Tunha stood 3rd in her whole class.

She is a brilliant student and regularly gets good grades in the exams. She is optimistic that one day, she will be able to eliminate the struggles she and her family has to go through every day and become a successful police officer. And JAAGO Foundation School is playing a major role in her lifelong journey of escaping this poverty.

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