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Our Updates

U.S. Ambassador tells a story to students of JAAGO at Banani Slum

29 April 2019 was a very mesmerizing day for JAAGO Foundation as His Excellency, Earl R. Miller, Ambassador, U.S. Embassy to Bangladesh alongside Merrie Blocker, Public Diplomacy Officer; Erné Guzman, Ambassador’s Office Manager; and Faroha Suhrawardy, Senior Program Advisor Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy Dhaka have visited JAAGO Foundation School and went through a great day with the children of JAAGO.

His Excellency, Earl R. Miller had a very good interaction with the children. He was very keen to listen to the children’s dream as well as their feelings and future plans. Later on, He joyfully played the character of a storyteller with the children through perusing a storybook named Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea. Also, the Ambassador had a conversation with our online school’s students. All the officials from the U.S. Embassy were highly impressed with JAAGO’s Digital schooling program and the standard of Education.

Later on, Earl R. Miller was kind enough to meet with the volunteers of the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation, Volunteer for Bangladesh and discussed their inspiration and enthusiasm towards the development of Bangladesh. Likewise, he conversed with the educators of JAAGO about the improvement of Quality Education.

JAAGO Foundation would like to take the honour to show gratitude to His Excellency, Earl R. Miller and all the officials of U.S. Embassy for visiting JAAGO Banani School, donating some books and spending a really great time with all of our students.