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VBD Divisional Election 2020

Volunteer For Bangladesh is another name for volunteerism. Volunteers are the future leaders, the change-makers, & the role models. They are working towards the betterment of society and bringing changes where necessary. They are reaching out and touching the lives of others in an encouraging way. They are building a better nation for us. 

Every year, Volunteer For Bangladesh holds its Divisional Election and welcomes the new leaders to take charge. Under their great leadership, wisdom, and guidance VBD strives for greater heights and achievements!

This year, for the first time, Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD) has successfully organized its divisional level board elections in 8 divisions of the country. In the last 2019-2020 sessions, elections were organized experimentally in three sections. This year elections have been held in all the divisions in its continuity. In that election, all the alumni members of VBD have got the opportunity to submit nominations as candidates. This is to mention that after the election result came out, the Divisional Board was formed with 5 different positions- President, Vice President, General Secretary, Treasurer, and Organizing Secretary. This year, a total of 51 volunteers have participated in the divisional board elections as candidates for 39 positions from 8 divisions. This election was able to ensure the highest number of engagements in the 9-years’ history of Volunteers for Bangladesh, where a total of 696 voters had the opportunity to exercise their voting rights. The most positive aspect of this election is that 88% of the voters were able to cast their votes. In addition to the divisional level elections, a national board consisting of 5 members was formed in Volunteers for Bangladesh. The VBD National Board acts as a guardian for the organization in terms of policy and decision making. JAAGO Foundation’s Youth Development Program has served as the VBD Election Commission this year.