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Youth Development Program

Youth Development Program

About Us

Empowering Youth to Achieve the UN SDGs 2030.

Our Youth Development Program provides the opportunity to empower the youth, facilitate volunteerism, foster self-resilience and growth as well as equipping them with necessary tools to shape them for a meaningful future. 64 districts, 35+k registered volunteers and the ever-growing thirst to do better, bigger wonders is always on!
To Know more about our Youth Development Program, please visit www.vbd.com.bd

The Youth Development Program works for
1. Building Capacity of the youth action groups.
2. Designing innovative campaign ideas.
3. Implementing projects nationally.
4. Monitoring and evaluation of the project initiated by volunteers.

We have our youth networks within 32 districts. Currently we are working towards making a difference through partnering with 20 youth action groups by using their local knowledge, providing them the necessary skills and need-based trainings.

People of any age can join our youth wing named Volunteer for Bangladesh, which was created to give the young people a common platform to help rebuild our nation as volunteers.

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Let's Rebuild Our Nation!

To learn new skills, share knowledge, bring change in life and develop own identity, you can be a part of Volunteer for Bangladesh.

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The realization of collectively using our hands and minds to help grow ourselves and others alike is one of the biggest realizations for any concerned citizen. Volunteers work for themselves and help others around them to fulfill the goals of humanity.

Ashikur Rahman

Former President, VBD Dhaka Division

Volunteering is a dream which has turned into a reality after coming to VBD, a dream of bringing happiness to others. VBD is a platform where my dreams of working for the society turned into reality.

Khondokar Nasif

Vice President, VBD Dhaka Division

Volunteering does not only bring a change to the society but also the person who is aiming to bring that change. It not only changes others’ lives but also it’s a process of changing oneself.

Faiza K Chowdhury

Former Vice President, VBD Dhaka Division

We admire the spirit of volunteering – an act of determination. Best part of volunteerism is you don't do things because you have to do, but because you want to do.

Osama Bin Noor

General Secretary, VBD Dhaka Division

Volunteers are not only those who give effort to a cause. They are leaders and they aim to create leaders through the work that they do.

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Support a child’s monthly education cost and help build an enlightened community.

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