Diversification and dedication is what makes the JAAGO team so special. Our energetic team of employees and volunteers are the driving force behind our ground-breaking success.


The team is far from being homogeneous; they come from a variety of backgrounds but share a common belief in eliminating poverty in Bangladesh through literacy. At JAAGO, diversity is considered an advantage rather than an obstacle. Individuals put aside their differences to work harmoniously as a team. Age, race, education and ethnicity hold no boundaries here.

Korvi Rakshand
Founder and Chairman

Korvi attained a Diploma in Law from the University of London (2004-2005) and a subsequent L.L.B. Honors (2005-2007). During the tenure of his Undergraduate studies, he worked as a Student Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, Event Manager so on and so forth for big names such as the London Metropolitan University. His earliest formal introduction to development work came during his time as a Project Director for ‘The Dhaka Project’.  In 2007, Korvi left behind the comfortable life and many other privileges that came along with one’s birth in a well to do household. He set out towards something more meaningful than what his society status could offer.  Along with a group of young students, Korvi founded the JAAGO Foundation. The JAAGO Foundation today is dedicated to the betterment of underprivileged and poverty-stricken communities of Bangladesh. Korvi attended the recent International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), a U.S. State Department sponsored premium professional exchange program, in September 2010 in the Young Leaders’ Political and Civil Engagement program. This award was started in 1940, in order to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations around the world, through short-term visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders. Korvi is an alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) and have awards such as the Mosaic International Award to his name. Korvi Rakshand was listed as a catalyst in the “Top 99 under 33 Influential Foreign Policy Leaders” by The Diplomatic Courier.  Korvi has also been a finalist for the Commonwealth Youth Awards 2013. He has been recognized as one of the top 10 globally most inspirational Bangladeshis around the world.

Iffat Mahmud
Vice Chairman

Iffat Mahmud joined JAAGO on April 14, 2007 as a founding member, and was extensively involved in building organizational structure and strategies.

After completing her O-Levels from South Breeze School and her A-Levels from Master Mind School, she did her BBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka and then her Masters on Development Studies from the North South University.

Iffat completed her Internship at Bangladesh Enterprise Institute. She has also worked as a Research Associate at eGen Consultants Ltd and as a Business Consultant at Swisscontact-Katalyst.

“JAAGO is my idea of the youth taking responsibility for its future!”

Zihaduz Zaman
General Secretary

Wrapping up Scholastica’s high school life in Bangladesh and going off to USA for a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Kansas, Zihad Zaman had a cutting edge profile going for him. After graduation, he worked at KU’s Engineering Department as a research assistant for a while, before coming back to Bangladesh to work for the betterment of his people. With his stellar GPA and work experiences, Zihad could have easily placed himself in a highly lucrative position in Bangladesh’s power sector which at the time had and still has an exceptionally high demand of EE graduates because of the country’s gross electrical power concerns. However, Zihad felt that the nature of his contributions would be much greater in a framework where he can directly help the lives of countless Bangladeshis- hence he joined JAAGO Foundation. He is the General Secretary and a member of the Directing Board of the organization.

“While living a cinematic fast-forward young life in the twenty first century might seem like the ideal excuse to let self-interest take full reign, it doesn’t take long to realize that slow-motion guilt and reproach is at bay for when poverty and underdevelopment takes its toll on a nation as a whole.”

Tanvir Quader

Tanvir Quader, joined as the Treasurer back in the organization’s early days in 2007, eventually becoming a Board Member. It was the idea of being able to bring positive change in the society and ultimately the country, which appealed to him immensely and brought him to JAAGO.

JAAGO’s vivacity and the children are the two things that attract Tanvir the most, and of course – the dedicated members and volunteers without whom the organization would not have been where it stands today. The fact that JAAGO is truly helping to expand the horizons of the underprivileged children and in turn changing their lives forever gives Tanvir a feeling of indescribable satisfaction and makes him proud of its achievements.


Wamiq Umaira
Executive Member

Ms Wamiq Umaira, who is currently pursuing a Masters in Development Economics from Princeton University, was infected by the spirit of volunteering that JAAGO has integrated into the young generation. After earning her bachelor degree in Economics and International Relations from New York University(NYU),Ms. Wamiq worked on issues related to democracy and the dynastic politics in South Asia in collaboration with NYU Professor Kanchan Chandra. Her experience as a development consultant at Bangladesh Development Institute, a think tank within BRAC working on issues of food security, poverty alleviation and social protection, has proved valuable in the Board.

“I eagerly look forward to seeing the students of the school, the volunteers and all others affiliated with JAAGO become responsible and productive citizens to take our country where it needs to go.”

Sharmin Ahmed
Executive Member

Sharmin Ahmed, or ‘Sharmin Miss’ as she is more commonly known as, has been at the heart of JAAGO’s operations ever since she joined in February 2008. After completing her SSC from Shankar Ali Hossain School and her HSC from Lalmatia College, she proceeded to obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree from Tejgaon College.

Prior to joining JAAGO, Sharmin Miss had worked as a teacher at other schools for underprivileged children. In 2008, she began working as a teacher at Rayer Bazaar. However, with her skills of advising and communication with the Rayer Bazaar community, she was quickly promoted to the position of Community Officer.

At the start of every session, Sharmin Miss goes from door to door in the Rayer Bazaar slum, looking for kids who are in most need of education. She also conducts surveys in the Rayer Bazaar Slum, oversees the school admission process, and provides counseling to kids and parents alike to make sure that our students have the best environment at home. It is Sharmin Miss who keeps tabs on every single kid and their life story and records all our student’s stories to share them with supporters of JAAGO.

Mother of two kids, Sharmin Ahmed wants her children to have a good education and make something of them in this world.

“I want my children, especially my daughter to become good, independent human beings. I want my daughter to follow my example and maintain a good career, be a good person. I never want anything to degrade her or discourage her from fulfilling her best potential.”

Zihaduz Zaman
Sr. Manager

Wrapping up Scholastica’s high school life in Bangladesh and going off to USA for a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Kansas, Zihad Zaman had a cutting edge profile going for him. After graduation, he worked at KU’s Engineering Department as a research assistant for a while, before coming back to Bangladesh to work for the betterment of his people. With his stellar GPA and work experiences, Zihad could have easily placed himself in a highly lucrative position in Bangladesh’s power sector which at the time had and still has an exceptionally high demand of EE graduates because of the country’s gross electrical power concerns. However, Zihad felt that the nature of his contributions would be much greater in a framework where he can directly help the lives of countless Bangladeshis- hence he joined JAAGO Foundation. He is the General Secretary and a member of the Directing Board of the organization.

“While living a cinematic fast-forward young life in the twenty first century might seem like the ideal excuse to let self-interest take full reign, it doesn’t take long to realize that slow-motion guilt and reproach is at bay for when poverty and underdevelopment takes its toll on a nation as a whole.”

Nody Rashid
Sr. Manager

Nody Rashid completed her Honors and Masters in Geography and Environment Studies from the University of Dhaka before completing another Masters Degree in Economics from the San Jose University of California. After finishing her education, she worked at various positions in the Bank of America before joining Wells Fargo Bank in Cupertino, California.

Nody resigned from a prestigious post at the Wells Fargo Bank to return to her homeland. From the early days of her education, she has always been an active member for various volunteer groups both in the States and in Bangladesh; which has all been much talked about and publicized in numerous newspapers. However, Nody missed the chance to work at the grass-root level with people who are in real need. When she found out about JAAGO, she found the positive and enthusiastic environment she liked.

Now, working at the center of JAAGO as the Executive Coordinator, Nody finds her work both exciting and meaningful and exactly what she was looking for all along.

“By having no family I have inherited the family of humanity. By having no possessions I have possessed it all. One day I suddenly realized I had forgotten, name age sex address race, I had found myself.”

M. Nusrat Jarin
Sr. Manager

Nusrat Jarin has an assortment of highly lucrative career paths she could have chosen from. However, like most JAAGO employees Nusrat does what she does for the love of it. Nusrat has a very concrete educational background in Legal Studies. She graduated with a Bachelor in Law from the very prestigious Northumbria University in England. She further went on to pursue her Post Graduation in the same field from the University of Sydney, Australia. Nusrat being someone with very distinct leadership qualities had been formerly involved in Women Empowerment projects with big names such as USAID. A ‘Go Getter’ by nature, Nusrat sincerely feels that she can utilize her caliber the most in a place like JAAGO where every day is a opportunity to do something better. When asked a smiling Nusrat confides, “The environment and the children just drill the best work out of you. I can’t help but give my best. The job fulfillment JAAGO provides excels any pecuniary benefit a normal job might have provided!” An opinionative, diligent and dynamic individual, Nusrat is surely a treasured possession of the organization.

Esha Farooqe
Sr. Manager

Esha Farooqe believes, “When you know better, you live better”.  Ms. Farooqe who holds the designation of Sr. Manager, Internal Communications at the Founders Office, JAAGO Foundation is also registered Medical Practitioner as well as a Public Health lecturer at the North South University. She completed her MBBS (Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery) from the Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital. She holds an MSc Global Public Health and Policy (FT) from Queen Mary, University of London. When asked about her interest in a Social Development Organisation and Education Institute, Ms. Farooqe shared her thoughts saying, “In my perspective, being a Doctor and Public Health Professional, I certainly feel that Health is a very specialized field of work. However, integrating the fields of Health and Education has always yielded very positive results for the community” Ms. Farooqe feels that Education is also a form of nourishment very similar to healthcare. In her opinion, Education not only assures a better future but it also is the stepping stone to a healthy life. This young doctor feels, JAAGO’s uniqueness lies in it ensuring the wellbeing of thousands of underprivileged children. Ms. Farooqe too has taken the oath to do the same in the process of becoming a Doctor. This mutuality of goal that the JAAGO Foundation and Ms. Farooqe shares makes her an ideal JAAGO member!

Sazzadul Islam
Sr. Manager

Currently an ACCA student with a degree from London Metropolitan University, Sazzad has some heavy credentials and experience to his name. JAAGO’s expertise in underprivileged children & youth development made it the ideal place for Sazzad to work at. Always on the outlook to engage in social causes, he is now a manager at the Finance Department at JAAGO. A very optimistic Sazzadul wants to live by the motto of “Sharing is Caring” and wants to continue his work at JAAGO for the long run.

Ishtiaque Ahmed
Sr. Officer

Ishtiaque Ahmed graduated from the University of Asia Pacific. This is his first job and he has been with us since then. According to Ishtiaque, JAAGO’s platform is great for the youth to learn and achieve new things.

“Working in the Human Resource Department is a very good opportunity for me and JAAGO provided me a lot in learning and it’s been an honor to work for the employees who are giving their efforts for the development of underprivileged children. Working with JAAGO is fun along with the wonderful friendly environment.”

Sujoy K. Sharma
Deputy Manager

At JAAGO, Sujoy thinks, he can explore and utilize his professional skills while giving back to the community and the under-privileged. The idea of a positive externality that his work creates on society gives Sujoy a great deal of work satisfaction. He enjoys the out of box thinking that the work environment at JAAGO encourages. Sujoy is a computer science and engineering graduate for his undergrad and masters program.

Sabbir Shahrier
Asst. Manager

Being post graduated from East West University in Development Studies, Kh. Mahabub-E-Hasib Shahrier always pursue to do something amazing with youth to bring better changes for the society. According to his words – “Volunteer for Bangladesh, the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation is the best place for me to reach my goal with the help of more than 17 thousand volunteers, who are working for a better world.”

Shoaib Ibne Muazzam
Sr. Officer

Shoaib had always harbored the desire to work towards the welfare of people below the poverty line in our community. He came across JAAGO after his active search to find an organization that does exactly that. He joined JAAGO after he completed his masters in literature. Shoaib feels JAAGO provides him with an environment from which he can gain the utmost knowledge regarding human resource development.  He is positive that through JAAGO he can completely devote himself to the social and economic development of Bangladesh.

Raisul Alam
Asst. Manager

Raisul Alam is a fresh graduate from North South University with a dual major in Marketing and Human Resource Management, started his career at an Event Management company. However, a “Doer” by nature, Raisul out of his passion to work for children joined JAAGO. Raisul’s verdict about his work place being, “JAAGO is the most inviting place, surrounded by the most amazing people to work with and learn from. JAAGO is a place where one feels like a part of a big change.”

Amdad Khan
Relationship Officer

Before joining JAAGO, Amdad Khan had worked for 6 years as manager in the Agricultural Wholesale industry. Like most JAAGO members the idea of catering to children had drawn him to the organization.

Asfia Ahmed
Relationship Officer

Asfia Ahmed completed her B.S.S in Economics from East West University, Bangladesh. To her JAAGO is a very unique concept implemented by some dedicated youthful souls. She believes that JAAGO is the place where she can contribute for the betterment of the society.

Ariful Hoq Shanil
Sr. Officer

With an M.Phil. on English Language Education from Dhaka University, Shanil wants to place contribution to his society through education. He believes that only education can bring meaningful change for society in the long run.

Abdul Mazid
Asst. Manager

Abdul had been introduced to JAAGO through word of mouth. He later looked into the organization’s work and was thoroughly impressed. In the 2011 he came across a job opening for a project officer at JAAGO and he swooped right into it. Till date Abdul is a JAAGO member and thoroughly enjoys his time here.

Md. Milon Sharif

Milon sees JAAGO as a different type of organization that inspires him the most. Through JAAGO he envisions to put smiles on children’s faces and fulfill their dreams.

Zakia Haque Liza

A NOMA Scholar with big credentials to her name, Zakia completed her Bachelors and Masters in Education and Research from IER, University of Dhaka. She went on to pursue a Masters in Education with a major in Environment Education and Sustainable Development from Kathmandu University, Nepal. The youth-driven activities of JAAGO, where young people of all social strata strive together to bring structural changes in the existing education system is what excites Zakia the most. JAAGO’s new brand of an education system customized for the disadvantaged and deprived has caught the imagination of many young people including Zakia. She feels that being an education and research alumnus, she finds it fascinating and is happy to be a part of this movement.

Mahjerin Mou
Sr. Legal Officer

Mahjerin obtained her bachelor of laws (LL.B.) from University of London in 2009 and Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013. She has been enrolled as an Advocate with Bangladesh Bar Council in 2010. Mahjerin’s areas of practice include Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Family Law, Labor and Employment Law, NGO and Social Services, Societies and Trust Laws. She has been a Legal Officer at JAAGO Foundation since October, 2014 and had worked for The Legal Circle, a law firm prior to JAAGO. Despite being in a corporate law firm and having a potential lucrative career she kept on doing pro bono work to organizations dealing with education, poverty and human rights abuses. The vision of JAAGO Foundation to serve the society was the greatest catalyst for Mahjerin to join the organization. Mahjerin is committed to represent nonprofit entities with care and commitment.

Salma Khanom
Sr. Officer

Working towards a professional ACCA degree with already a masters in Finance Salma is quite the financial wizard! A concerned citizen, Salma feels that JAAGO is the answer to the country’s illiteracy problem. She feels her involvement with JAAGO increases her self worth and helps her give back to her fellow country men.

Md. Noor-A-Sarowar
Jr. Officer

Noor believes that every child needs that one opportunity to fulfill their dreams. JAAGO to him is the medium that can make it possible for the underprivileged children of this country. He always had also yearned to work in CSO. JAAGO for Noor is the ultimate satisfying work experience. He has completed his bachelor and master graduation from Asian University of Bangladesh in Marketing.

Md. Moinul Hassan
Asst. Manager

Moinul completed his bachelors from UIU with a major in Finance and Accounting. Currently he is completing his masters from NSU as well as a professional degree in ‘Cost and Management Accounted’ from ICMA. He has been actively involved in various volunteer programs during from his early college years. Like most members of the JAAGO foundation Moinul too has a special place for children in his life. He during his time at JAAGO as a Asst. Manager at the Finance department treasures the proximity in which he works around children. For Moinul JAAGO is almost a way of living that he thoroughly enjoys.

Zahida Huq Chaiti
Sr. Creative Designer

Chaiti acquired her Bachelors & Masters degrees from the University of Dhaka. Coming out with the background of Fine Arts, her desire is to create designs that will inspire and motivate people while leaving a lasting impression. With an eye for innovation and pixel perfection, Chaiti wants to take it all the way for JAAGO Foundation.

Masum Rana
Creative Designer

Rana has been doing creative designs professionally for over four years and still loves every minute of it! His talent and optimism brings him out as a fresh artist in JAAGO Foundation. With a desire to develop his vision and dreams into a genuine creation, he believes that JAAGO is the perfect place to be.

Monojit Kumar
Sr. Software Engineer

Having a graduation in Computer Science & Engineering, Monojit likes to learn new things and loves to think about new ideas. He enjoys being here as Jaago foundation gives him the space to explore for more.

Trina Mutsuddy
Sr. Officer

Trina Mutsuddy joined JAAGO’s Project Development Team in 2015 as an Officer. Trina’s BBA in Management and MBA in Human Resource Management from the University of Dhaka has provided her with strong academic foundation that is required to predominate in her line of work. Since the beginning of her academic days, Trina had always preferred to work in a dynamic environment that would stimulate her strategic thinking. Her work experience at ICDDRB and passion for writing have equipped her with the skill set to build a career in JAAGO’s Project Development Team.

Rasna Masud
Sr. Education Coordinator

Rasna Masud is currently a Senior Education Coordinator in our Online School Program.
Rasna’s experience in the primary school sector has enriched her with skills for the education sector that helped her to be where she is now. She loves to work with children. Her engagement with the underprivileged children has motivated her to be in the education sector in JAAGO’s Online School Program.

Safina Anjum
Sr. Officer

Safina Anjum works as a Creative Communication officer in JAAGO since 2014. She has completed her Bachelors in Architecture from American International University-Bangladesh. For a prolonged period of time Safina has pursued her ambition to build architectural mausoleums, motivated by the phenomenal architectural structures of the world. However, she has foreseen that her ambition has started to grow dim. Safina was exasperated when she started to witness the truth of poverty and other underdeveloped endowments. JAAGO has been the gateway to broaden her horizon in order to implement her aspirations and yearning towards working for Bangladesh.
‘All around me I see poverty and hardship and I am unable to do anything to help them in any possible way. An ambition of building structures seems pallid in comparison to the struggles of daily life that these helpless people have to put up with. Which is why, I have decided to abandon my previous dream and adopted a new one. A dream of making a change. I joined Jaago Foundation and I truly found my platform. I found an urge to pay heed to a calling from the poverty striken people of Bangladesh, that is far nobler than the ambition what I initially followed’

Asif uz Zaman

Asif actively wants to play a role towards the social welfare of his country. He believes that social workers advocate, enable and support people to make positive changes in the society. He has done his graduation and post-graduation from United International University. Previously he used to work for City bank and a travel agency. With the vision of indulging himself in empowering society, Asif thinks that JAAGO will prevail to administer a podium for his ambitions of working and making an impact in people’s lives.

Afsana Alim
Sr. Officer

Afsana has completed her BBA majoring in Finance from University of Alternative Development (UODA). Afsana always had a burning desire within her. Her desire was to contribute for the welfare of our society. JAAGO has quenched her burning desires. Her work seems more meaningful to her now. She loves engaging herself completely in her work. By being a part of the JAAGO family she feels like she is an active member the social change maker clan. A clan of highly motivated souls who are the contents of JAAGO foundation working towards enhancing the education of underprivileged children. She believes nothing is better than being paid for the job you wished to do.

Lamia Rahman Nuha

Lamia has completed her Bachelors in Business Administration from East West University. Currently she is doing MBA at North South University.
Lamia started off her career with a regular job but she always wanted to pursue a work field permeated with challenges and dynamism. She joined JAAGO Foundation to conquer her dreams. A dream for playing a challenging role towards the development of our country. JAAGO has provided her a different horizon for involving herself totally in an organization, which is working for our society through solitary activities. She believes by being a part of JAAGO she can contribute towards bringing diversification in Bangladesh.

Abdullah Al Mamun
District. Officer

Mamun is very enthusiastic about his work with an urge to transmit positive energy around him. He adores children, and their innocent smiles are worth its weight in gold to him. He has completed his graduation from Stamford University, majoring in HRM. Now he is continuing his MBA Program at BRAC University.
His involvement in different social work activities made him very passionate about it. His ambition is to contribute towards the social welfare of his country and he believes that JAAGO foundation has provided him a prodigious platform to take ample steps towards his destination.

Tahmeed Ibne Mazhar

With an inspiration for the betterment of the community, Tahmeed joined Volunteer for Bangladesh (the Youth Wing of JAAGO Foundation) initially as a Volunteer. This was the turning point of his life. He was looking for something more meaningful in his life. Then JAAGO Foundation and Volunteer for Bangladesh happened and changed the course. He started teaching in JAAGO Foundation and he felt privileged to teach the First Batch of JAAGO. Then he became an intern, and slowly he became an employee of the PR & Publications Dept. In the time frame of his employment he has endeavored many experiences that gave him a much broader visibility to work for the welfare of the children.

He started capturing images when he was working at JAAGO Foundation. The innocent smiles of our little blessed spirits have captivated him, and he felt he could carry on capturing their lively faces for the rest of his life.

He quotes: ‘Pacing up with my passion for photography I joined JAAGO once again because I could not keep myself away from this beautiful place for long. I am now working as an Officer for JAAGO`s Partnership and Branding Department. The best part of it is my new team leader, who has been a great support in my journey called life.’

Sayeema Ekram Trisha
Relationship Officer

With the vast work experience of teaching children, Sayeema always dreams of keep going for them. She thinks that JAAGO is the place where she can restore the faith in humanity and hopes to bring more changes in this society.