Let us rebuild our nation through climate change
50,000 Youth Volunteers  Working restlessly throughout the year to build a better Bangladesh in 64 Districts
Let us rebuild our nation through climate change

Empower a Child's Future through Education

Invest in the next generation and help create a brighter world.

You Can be the Hero of a Child's Life

With a monthly commitment, you can contribute to a child's education and shape their future.

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Sponsor a child's education- Education Program by JAAGO Foundation

Country Scenario

Education is a Fundamental Right in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has made impressive strides in providing education to its citizens. Recognizing the importance of education, the government has made basic education a fundamental right and universal primary education a basic state policy. As a result, Bangladesh has achieved an adult literacy rate of 74.68%, a testament to the government’s commitment to education.

Investing in education is a wise choice as it has the power to transform lives and shape the future of individuals and communities. The present government’s visionary education policy has brought the country closer to its goal of a literate and educated society, and with your support, we can continue to make a positive impact.

Join us in our mission to provide quality education to the citizens of Bangladesh. Your contribution can help us build a brighter future for the next generation. Invest in education, invest in a better world.

However, it is impossible to bring all sections of the people under the formal education system. A large number of children cannot enter the education system due to various reasons; these include poverty and rising inequality, widening disparities in educational opportunities and facilities, poor class attendance and alarming dropout rates, lack of skilled teachers, lack of scientific curriculum, high cost of school-education, imposition of newer systems of education without proper teachers-training programs, etc.

JAAGO has been providing free of cost quality education to underprivileged children following the English version of NCTB curriculum. With a decade-long presence in the education sector and pioneering the Digital Schooling Program, JAAGO revolutionised the quality of education in remote areas of Bangladesh.

Education Program by JAAGO Foundation

In addition to this, to address the need of those who do not have access to traditional schools, JAAGO has introduced alternative learning opportunities and developed a curriculum that reflects the special needs of the children and adolescents and empowers them to cope with life. Whilst improving the life prospects of the students through education, JAAGO also focuses on emotional and physical nourishment. JAAGO provides nutrition, hygiene and health programs benefiting the students, their families and the wider community.