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Bangladesh is sinking!

Number of people have died across the country since Friday due to lightning strikes, floods, and landslides caused by torrential rain and thunderstorms.

Only One Earth, Only One Bangladesh
A relentless downpour crippled Bangladesh’s northeast over the past week, and Bangladesh Army, Airforce and Navy were sent to evacuate households cut off from neighbouring communities. More than four million people have been stranded by flood water, and nearly the entire region was without electricity. The downpours have caused extensive damage to thousands of houses, water sources, food stores, farmland and roads. People are hungry, unsure where the next meal will come from and can not even dare to go swimming in search of food for fear of electrocution. They have no access to clean and safe drinking water. Houses went under waist-deep water. People watch helplessly and in utter despair as the places they once called their homes vanish right in front of their eyes.

Thousands of families in Sylhet (Sylhet main city, Sunamganj, Habiganj), Netrokona (Netrokona Sadar, Kalmakanda, Jatrapur), Kurigram Sadar, Sherpur (Jhinaigati, Nalitabari, Shribrodi, Nakla), Kurigram (Roumari, Rajibpur, Sanandabari), Jamalpur (Bakshiganj, Islampur, Dewanganj), Brahmanbaria, Chandpur submerged under the water. Their electricity is totally out, and they are completely disconnected.

On behalf of JAAGO, we appeal to you to donate generously during these crisis days to mitigate the sufferings of everyone in Bangladesh and save lives.

As the victims’ lives and livelihoods have been threatened, providing relief and support is the foremost thing. JAAGO Foundation & Volunteer for Bangladesh have stepped up to face the challenges and support the most affected ones. All the funds collected for tackling the flood situation will be channelled towards the recovery of flood victims. With your support and dedication of our 50000 pool of volunteers across the country, we will drive to respond to the urge to save lives.

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