End of a Successful School Year: Reflecting on our Journey of Growth and Learning

End of a Successful School Year: Reflecting on our Journey of Growth and Learning

As the students of JAAGO Foundation Schools participate in their final exams, it does not only reflect the culmination of another school year; rather, it’s a testament to an entire year of growth and learning. Throughout the year, our students engaged in numerous activities both inside and outside of the classrooms. Let’s discover a fragment of their accomplishments and experiences-

JAAGO Annual Science Fair 2023

JAAGO Schools Showcase 22 Innovative Projects in Annual Science Fair 2023

On 11th March 2023, JAAGO Foundation held its Annual Science Fair. The event was inaugurated by Muhammed Aziz Khan, founder and chairman of Summit Group, and attended by Sheldon Yett, UNICEF Representative to Bangladesh, as a special guest. The empowering event was a celebration of science and innovation, where the students of JAAGO Foundation schools showcased 22 projects that tackled various global issues. Initiatives as such help students feel confident and creative and foster a spirit of scientific inquiry. 

Dengue Awareness Campaign

Dengue Prevention Campaign

When dengue was creating havoc across the country, the students of JAAGO Foundation schools came forward to safeguard their loved ones and neighbours from this dangerous mosquito-borne disease. Through a remarkable awareness campaign, the young change-makers created stunning posters and spread vital information about dengue prevention, symptoms, and treatment. They engaged in meaningful discussions regarding the topic with their families, friends, and neighbours, making sure everyone was well-informed about the menace of dengue and the measures to keep it at bay.

Smart Children’s Carnival

smart children carnival

JAAGO student Rumi attended the ‘Smart Children’s Carnival’ organised by the ICT Division, Bangladesh, where she shared the stage with the Honourable President of Bangladesh, Mohammed Shahabuddin, as a speaker. She was also invited to host the closing ceremony of the event, which was graced by Dr Dipu Moni, the Honourable Minister of the Ministry of Education, and Zunaid Ahmed Palak, the Honourable State Minister for the ICT Division.

Establishment of Girls’ Support Corners

To help our female students, JAAGO established Girls’ Support Corners in our schools containing free sanitary pads from Shaathi, emergency medicines, menstrual health-related materials, etc. In addition, Girls’ Champion Clubs were formed in schools where girls could share knowledge regarding menstrual health among themselves, be the bridge of communication between female students and the school authorities and maintain a support system for those who need it.

HPV Vaccination

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination, a crucial measure to prevent cervical cancer, a leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women globally. This vaccine is given to all eligible girls between the ages of 9 and 26 free of cost by the government of Bangladesh. To ensure the sound health of our female students, we organised an HPV vaccination session at JAAGO Foundation Banani School.

Knowledge is Power Scholarship

3 brilliant students who passed their SSC exams with remarkable scores were gifted a ‘Knowledge is Power’ scholarship to support their higher secondary education. The students were excited and humbled to receive such an opportunity.

JAAGO Student Tamanna went to Armenia

Tamanna, a 17-year-old meritorious student of JAAGO Foundation School, secured a fully funded scholarship to attend the prestigious United World College (UWC) in Dilijan, Armenia. The scholarship was facilitated by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, which is a two-year educational program primarily aimed at 16-to-19-year-olds in 140 countries around the world. Tamanna wants to make the best of this opportunity and build a better world for herself and her loved ones.

JAAGO Student Tamanna went to America

Our little champions have many more achievements that we cherish and celebrate, and behind these accomplishments stands a sponsor, a silent hero who, through the “Sponsor a Child” program, is rewriting the narrative of these children’s lives, helping them break the shackles of poverty and nurturing the seeds of a promising future. 

As we celebrate the achievements of the past year, we also acknowledge that there are countless more children waiting for their turn to experience the magic of education. This is where you can step in. You can, too, take responsibility for a marginalised child’s education through our ‘Sponsor a Child’ program. 

In the spirit of humility and gratitude, we urge you to join hands with us. Together, we can make a difference—one child at a time.

The Philippine Education Conference, one of the largest gatherings of educational leaders and practitioners in the country, features speakers from the government, leading schools and international organisations. Held every two years, the conference hass been organised since 2013 were attended by an estimated 3,500 educators.

This year, our beloved founder, Korvi Rakshand has been invited to attend the conference as a speaker. He will be sharing valuable insights on ‘Providing Inclusive Quality Education In Challenging Times’ and discussing the challenges and opportunities.

I am pleased to share that I have been invited to the prestigious Philippine Education Conference, a colossal gathering that brings together the brightest minds in education, including government officials, top schools, and renowned international organisations. Hosted every two years since its inception in 2013, this event has consistently drawn an impressive attendance of approximately 3,500 educators.

During the conference, I will have the privilege of contributing insights under the theme ‘Providing Inclusive Quality Education In Challenging Times,’ shedding light on the persistent challenges and opportunities in the educational landscape.

I express sincere gratitude for this opportunity to engage with esteemed professionals in the field and eagerly anticipate the fruitful exchange of ideas, potential collaborations, and our collective endeavor towards a brighter future for the global education sector.

Together, let us navigate the challenges that lie ahead and capitalize on the opportunities, fostering a world where every child has equitable access to a quality education.

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