50 Years of Bangladesh: Emergence of Youth Development

From the very beginning, the young generation of Bangladesh has emerged as the aspiring spirits, who have not only been an integral part of our victory but have also been leading the core movements which has led us to this day of celebration. Today, we can proudly embrace 50 long years of Bangladesh for the uncounted sacrifices our youths have made over the years.

Youth voices played a significant role in ‘52 where they fought for our language and following the alley of sacrifice for the country, participated in the six points movement (‘66), Mass Upsurge (‘69), and later on in our historic liberation war. Their core inclination towards the development of Bangladesh has always been groundbreaking. The youth of Bangladesh have come forward to bring a positive change to our country with their devotion and commitment. Having reached the 50th year of Bangladesh, we can look back today and acknowledge their contribution and progression over the years. Development of Bangladesh could simply become intangible if it wasn’t for the youth community.

Even today, the youth of this country is playing a crucial role in setting the tone for the future. Beholding the morale of working for the country in the spirit of Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman; Volunteer For Bangladesh (VBD) the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation has tapped into this potential by empowering the youth of Bangladesh to actively participate as responsible citizens in social, political, and economical development of the nation. Volunteer For Bangladesh provides the opportunity to empower the youth, facilitate volunteerism, foster self-resilience and growth while equipping them with the necessary tools to shape them for a meaningful future.

Being the future leaders of Bangladesh, they are devoted to making a global impact by achieving Bangladesh vision 2041 and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Our youth believes the challenges are steep but not insurmountable because of the strong track record of 50 years of Bangladesh. With the underlying principles of Liberation War, Volunteer for Bangladesh aim to move forward with the ever-enthusiastic youth of Bangladesh, and with their entangling desire and persistent effort, we believe that the sky’s the limit for us as we unfold the possibilities and dream of building a brighter future for our youth and Bangladesh.

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