Uplifting Lives, Communities and Beyond: 7 Reasons Why You Should Sponsor A Child

Education is not only a tool for transforming individual lives but also for uplifting communities and shaping a better nation. It equips individuals with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ability to break the shackles of ignorance. Education transcends boundaries, fostering inclusivity and the chance of a brighter tomorrow.

JAAGO Foundation, is committed to providing quality education to underprivileged children, offering a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of young learners. By sponsoring a child with JAAGO, one not only invests in their education but also plays a crucial role in breaking the chains of child labour, early marriages, social stigmas and propelling economic growth.

  1. Ending Child Labour:
    Child labour remains a pervasive issue across the globe, robbing millions of children of their right to education and carefree childhood. Poverty is to be blamed for this reality. Parents send their children to work with the hope of additional earnings to help them survive. JAAGO Foundation’s Sponsor A Child program becomes a powerful tool in dismantling this cycle. Through educational support, children are empowered to escape the clutches of exploitative labour and break free from the chains of poverty. Apart from free-of-cost education, JAAGO also provides its students with necessary educational materials, nutritious meals and health checkups, minimizing the financial burden on their parents. As a result, parents are motivated to keep their children in school instead of sending them to work.
  2. Preventing Early Marriages:
    Early marriages, particularly prevalent in impoverished communities, often deprive young girls of their right to education and personal development. By sponsoring a child, especially girls, through JAAGO, one contributes to delaying marriage, allowing them to complete their education and make informed choices about their lives.
  3. Breaking Societal Taboos:
    In many societies, deep-rooted taboos surrounding education, particularly for girls, persist. JAAGO Foundation challenges these norms by creating a safe space for education, irrespective of gender. Sponsoring a child breaks down barriers and fosters a culture of inclusivity, challenging societal norms that hinder progress.
  4. Fostering Economic Growth:
    Education is a catalyst for economic growth, creating a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. By sponsoring a child with JAAGO, one becomes a key contributor to future economic development. Educated individuals are more likely to secure stable employment, break the cycle of poverty, and contribute positively to their communities.
  5. Nurturing Ambitions and Dreams:
    Every child harbours dreams and aspirations. Sponsoring a child with JAAGO Foundation nurtures these dreams, providing the necessary resources and support for them to flourish. These dreams are not just individual aspirations but seeds of positive change that can transform communities and societies at large.
  6. Building Strong Communities:
    Education is a cornerstone for building strong and resilient communities. Sponsoring a child with JAAGO ripples beyond the individual, impacting families, neighbours, and entire communities. As educated individuals emerge, they become agents of change, inspiring others to pursue knowledge and contribute to the collective well-being.
  7. Empowering Future Leaders:
    Children sponsored through JAAGO Foundation are not just beneficiaries; they are the potential future leaders, change-makers, and torchbearers of progress. By investing in their education, sponsors contribute to the creation of a generation empowered with knowledge, compassion, and the skills to address global challenges.

Sponsoring a child with JAAGO Foundation is a commitment to rewriting the narrative of a child’s life. It is a pledge to break the chains of societal constraints, pave the way for education, and empower future leaders. Beyond the tangible outcomes of halting child labour and early marriages, it is a journey towards nurturing dreams, fostering resilience, and building a brighter, more equitable future for all. Each sponsor becomes a part of a transformative story, where the power of education unlocks doors, dismantles barriers, and sets the stage for a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive.


How much do I have to contribute?
Answer: Each sponsor has to contribute BDT 2500 or approximately $27 to Sponsor A Child.

How Frequently do I have to donate?
Answer: The donations are received on a monthly basis.

Do I have any say in the child selection process?
Answer: Yes, you can request the type of child you would like to sponsor or choose from the child profiles provided.

Is the process transparent?
Answer: Yes. Sponsors receive result cards, progress reports, etc., to evaluate their sponsored child’s performance.

Can I meet the child I am sponsoring?
Answer: Yes. Every sponsor can meet their sponsored child.

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