An incredible Journey with a Young Boy as an Inspiration to End Poverty

An incredible Journey with a Young Boy as an Inspiration to End Poverty

Let me share an extraordinary story of a young boy who rose from extreme poverty to a capable man to work for any leading textile enterprises in Bangladesh. His painful but incredible journey has set a milestone in our quest for a poverty-free society. Who could disagree that extreme poverty is a distressing and disturbing form of discrimination and violence in any part of the world? And child poverty is a ruthless reminder of an unequal reality, even more painfully. Still, the rise of Md. Rubel, 22, from discrimination to development, is a sheer indication that people like you and me, if we want, can change the lives dwindling around child poverty and socio-economic distress.


This young boy, who will soon enter into a productive youth, is a testimony that a distressed child can change society with bare minimum support and access to social capital. The crux here is providing scope and choice to children and letting them allow to end child poverty by themselves. I thank JAAGO for helping Rubel to become a champion of resilience by equipping him with knowledge and opportunities to shape Bangladesh’s tomorrow that we aspire to see.

I look forward to the day when child poverty and inequality will be effectively eradicated, and access to social progress and justice will be ensured for every child around us. I have been sponsoring Rubel’s education since 2015, and the bond that has been formed between us over these remarkable years reminds me that every child is born with infinite possibilities.

With his own credit and merit, Rubel has achieved the Best Performance award in the textile department of Daffodil Polytechnic Institute for his outstanding result. Be mindful that those grades can never show how much he has overcome to get an education or even survive. We just need to believe in them wholeheartedly.

What I have learned from Rubel is fascinating – we must continue to facilitate schooling and opportunities for every child to learn how to think without dictating what to think. Because they are destined to change the future of humankind.

Professor Shahab Enam Khan
International Relations, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh
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