Arif Loves Helping His Father with His Business

JAAGO Foundation strongly opposes the practice of child labour. For this reason, we work towards providing underprivileged children with education.
Many senior students work besides their studies to support their families and cover their monthly expenses. While working can be beneficial for students, there needs to be a balance between work and studies, so that the child’s studies are not unduly harmed because of his/her work.

At JAAGO, we inspire our students to enrol in different activities out of their comfort zone, making it easier to communicate with people and giving them a broader idea of the outer world.
Arif is our regular student from Class 10, Business Studies group. He has five members in his family. His father is a meat seller and butcher of a mobile meat shop. Along with his son Arif, he sells meat around the Rayerbazar, Beribad, and Mohammadpur area. Sometimes they also sell meat directly to some of the local meat shops. Thus, Arif is learning to directly communicate with the vendors, customers, and the wholesale market.

“I realised that I wanted to work part-time. I felt like I needed to try something new, something challenging, or something out of my comfort zone. So, I did it by helping my father. Sometimes, I don’t let him go to the marketplace so that I can learn how to deal with everything on my own.” He added that – “I mostly give my full time on weekends when the sales are higher than the usual days. I feel happy when I bring something for my family with my own money. My father gives me half of the income, which makes me think I am also an integral part of this business and am responsible for looking after my family.

Arif’s parents have a big dream about his future. They feel that Arif will shine one day as he is very responsible and interested in learning from his surroundings.

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