Augmented Reality: A JAAGO and Crazy Creative Art Collaboration at Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) 2023

Augmented Reality A JAAGO and Crazy Creative Art Collaboration at Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) 2023

Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) 2023 took place from the 3rd-11th of February and showcased all kinds of art forms, from classical to contemporary. The development of new technology has allowed access to a diverse range of new mediums, one of the most popular of which is digital art. This in itself has a variety of different sub-categories, but loosely speaking digital art refers to any artistic practice that involves the use of digital mediums such as tablets or computers. 

Importance of Digital Art in the Art World

AR brings art to life by adding new dimensions that cannot be found in more traditional art forms. It allows the audience to partake in the art itself and become part of the story, which is what JAAGO has aimed to do in this collaboration with Crazy Creative. The artwork is designed to showcase our mission at JAAGO and the impact we have on communities. On the first day of DAS alone, our artwork had 1000 views from members of the public. 

JAAGO Students Artwork at DAS 2023

As well as this unique collaboration, JAAGO showcased artwork our wonderful students made. They worked hard designing and creating unique pieces of jewellery, which you can buy for yourself or as a gift for someone special. Each piece of jewellery represents the vast imaginations of our students.

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