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Bring Them Back to School

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Our daily lives came to a standstill in this Coronavirus pandemic, but that didn’t stop our students of JAAGO from continuing their studies. Even with the help of just a regular bar phone, these underprivileged children are taking their lessons. But these children are in dire need of your help. Bring Them Back To School is an initiative to support these children’s education. With your love and contribution, these children will be ready to lead future Bangladesh. And this is only possible if we stand by them now. So, to create a beautiful and loving world for these helpless children, we need all your love and support now, more than ever.

Bring Them Back To School, this year’s Global Year-End Fundraising initiative will start from October 20, 2020, and will continue until January 23, 2021. You can come forward and join our initiative to help these children in need. With your support, these underprivileged students at JAAGO schools will have a greater chance of escaping poverty by getting a quality education, raise the standard of living of their communities, and have healthier and productive lives.

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