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You can sponsor the monthly education cost of an impoverished Bangladeshi child with less than 1 US $ a day and help bring a meaningful difference in both of your lives! Do you wish to bring a sustainable change in an underprivileged Bangladeshi child’s life?

The social background that our children come from, most of the time they go through a sense of social deprivation. Supporting even only one child can help bring a meaningful change in that family, which will in turn help them break the shackles of poverty.

We can connect you with any of our ***** unsponsored children whom you can mentor, nurture and give hope for a better future by fulfilling their dream simply by supporting his/her monthly education cost.

By providing 2000 BDT per month per child, that is 27 USD per month, you help us ensure a school uniform, school bag, school supplies, co-curricular activities and educational materials for quality education for a student.

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