Celebrating Motherhood: Inspiring Women, Sponsoring Education Through JAAGO Foundation

Celebrating Motherhood Inspiring Women, Sponsoring Education Through JAAGO Foundation

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we want to take a moment to honour some amazing women who have become mothers to children not biologically theirs. These women have taken it upon themselves to sponsor the education of underprivileged children through JAAGO Foundation, and their stories are truly inspiring.

Taniya Nabi: A Loving Mother Extending Her Care


Meet Taniya, a dedicated housewife and mother of two daughters. Despite her busy schedule, Taniya started sponsoring a child’s education through JAAGO Foundation. She was so impressed with the strong and positive impact that JAAGO was making in the lives of these children that she decided to continue sponsoring. Just like she does with her own daughters, Taniya keeps up to date with her sponsored child’s academic progress and well-being. Her love and care for these children are truly heartwarming.

Ifat Younus: Empowering Underprivileged Girls Through Education


Then there is Ifat, a working woman and mother of her child. She believes that creating change for less privileged people is something that we all want to do but don’t always get the opportunity. Through JAAGO Foundation, Ifat has taken the responsibility of sponsoring not one but two underprivileged girl children. She recognises that many girls in these circumstances often drop out of school and get married at a young age. To Ifat, it’s our duty to help these less fortunate people and empower them with education.

Sayma Rahman: A Mother Figure Nurturing Lives


Sayma’s journey with JAAGO Foundation began as a volunteer teacher in 2012. Her passion for giving back to society and educating underprivileged children led her to sponsor a child’s education. As an entrepreneur, Sayma knows the importance of investing in education and how it can change lives. During the pandemic, Sayma’s sponsored child had to go back to the village with their parents. But Sayma didn’t let distance stop her from being involved in the child’s life. She made sure to talk to the child’s parents and ensured that they continued with their education. Sayma’s dedication to her sponsored child’s academic progress and overall well-being is truly admirable. Sayma is not just a sponsor but a mother figure to her sponsored child. She is always there for the child’s family when they face challenges. Her support, care, and love towards her sponsored child are inspiring and heartwarming.

Emu Sharmin: A Mother’s Dedication to Social Change


Sharmin, a professional working at Standard Chartered Bank, has always harbored a desire to do something for the underprivileged children in society. However, she pondered over how to translate her aspirations into action. Five years ago, she came across JAAGO Foundation and since then, she has been sponsoring a young girl. With a son of her own, Sharmin wishes to provide the same opportunities and privileges to her sponsored daughter, ensuring her progress and a brighter future.
These women are a true inspiration, and their selflessness and compassion for the children they sponsor through JAAGO Foundation is something to be celebrated. Let’s take a moment to recognise and appreciate these amazing “mothers” on this special day.

Sponsor a Child’s Education This Mother’s Day

Don’t miss out on this Mother’s Day’s opportunity to help a child’s future. Your support and love can help a child shape their future. Sponsor a child’s education this Mother’s Day.

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