Challenging Fear of Violence

Challenging Fear of Violence

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, Plan International and JAAGO Foundation launched the project titled “সহিংসতার ভয় আর নয়” at Plan International’s Headquarters. As a part of advocacy against the fear of Gender-Based Violence against women, the campaign aims to sensitise women, men, and communities on the issues that can minimise the fear of gender-based violence in the long term through capacity-building of the youth.

To mark the day, we have introduced “Dipti”. Dipti is an embodiment of all our collective force to create resistance against Violence against Women and Children. She is pledged to form an alliance, an Alliance of the fear of violence.

Mr Korvi Rakshand said, “The agency to a woman’s life gets limited by the fear of aggression or gender-based violence before she can exercise or express it. We seek a society in which every place is a safe space for people of all genders.”

20 youth leaders from Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar, Barishal and Rangpur received a 2-days long residential training on the issue of fear of violence. The youth leaders were sensitised to the concept of combatting the fear of violence and the fundamentals of developing local community sensitization campaigns on challenging the fear of violence. The capacity building training sessions were conducted to ensure young people, especially girls, have knowledge about laws on violence against women, child marriage prevention, and, usage of national hotline numbers for reporting suspected or imminent cases of violence etc.

Challenging Fear of Violence
Challenging Fear of Violence

This is especially important because it will equip young people with the knowledge and information to make informed decisions about their lives and futures.

Plan International and JAAGO Foundation hope this campaign will foster future impactful conversations and enable society to be driven to be completely free from violence against women.

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