COVID-19 Awareness At The Cattle Market


In July, one of the Muslim Ummah’s most significant religious festivals, Eid al-Adha, was celebrated countrywide. Every year during this festival, Muslims worldwide sacrifice animals as part of their religious rituals; thus, temporary cattle markets are established countrywide.

As the COVID-19 cases were swinging high, it was essential to maintain the safety measures in the cattle markets. To tackle the spread of infection our volunteers of Volunteer for Bangladesh came forward to create awareness among the people to follow the safety measures in the cattle markets and provided masks and hand sanitizers to everyone.

In addition to this, volunteers from different districts cleaned the nearby places of their residents using bleach to make it germ-free and dug holes to dump the waste products.

This campaign was observed in more than 35 districts during Eid time, and almost 500+ volunteers were engaged in making it possible. Their effort to create awareness, ensure safety measures in cattle markets and keep the environment clean after Eid was praiseworthy and ignites the youth’s power to build a better society for us.

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