Encouraging Children to Read with Let’s Read app

Encouraging Children to Read with Let’s Read app

In this digital age, we cannot help the fact everyone who has a smartphone will spend hours glued to their phones. But as a parent, oftentimes, you can’t help but wonder if your child will do something productive aside from playing and watching videos on the phone. How can you convince them to put down their phones and start other hobbies like reading?

To celebrate World Book Day, JAAGO Foundation, and The Asia Foundation, launched a nationwide #LetsReadTogether reading campaign where youth volunteers from all 64 districts encouraged reading habits among children to promote positive and fun reading experiences through the Let’s Read digital library. Volunteers went door to door and helped parents to download the app on their phone. This app will develop the child’s imagination as well as increase their creativity.

Encouraging Children to Read with Let’s Read app

What does Let’s read offer?

  1. A collection of more than 8100 books
  2. Translated into more than 50 languages
  3. The Bengali translations of books available from home and abroad introduce children to the culture and folklore of other countries
  4. This app builds a daily reading routine with a reading tracker
  5. Previously downloaded books can be read, allowing people to use them without an internet connection.
  6. Daily book reading goals can be fixed

Let’s Read provides an easy way to record yourself reading classic stories to share with your kids. It is a fun way for your family to stay connected while strengthening your child’s cognitive and emotional skills. Instead of feeling guilty about the harmful effects of screen time, you can feel confident that your kids are watching and listening to language-rich stories. Click Here to download the app!

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