Ensuring Digital & IT Skills for Children

Ensuring Digital & IT Skills for Children

With the fourth industrial revolution in motion, IT (Information Technology) skills are needed now more than ever. While these skills were only supplementary before, with the rapid advancement of technology and the development of tools such as AI ( Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), e-commerce and e-health, they have effectively become absolute necessities.

While many people of older generations struggle to adapt to the ever-growing integration of technology into their daily lives, the youth of today are said to be quite tech-savvy. However, the IT requirements of the present world go beyond just knowing how to operate a computer or any other device. Much more in-depth skills are needed if one is to navigate their way through the world effectively and efficiently. Knowing how to properly use the technological tools at our disposal would benefit us infinitely. For example, knowing software programming would mean being able to design or assist in designing software for one’s workplace or educational institute, thus opening up a whole new range of opportunities. Knowing how to design captivating websites proficiently would be beneficial as well. It would improve presentation and organisation for any sort of initiative, whether it be a small business or a campaign. The most prominent example would be the 2-year-long period of online classes and fully digitised learning. It was seen that students who were more comfortable using technology struggled considerably less to adapt to the sudden change compared to ones who were not as used to it.

These IT skills also enhance one’s creativity, such as through digital painting and critical thinking, coding or programming. In addition, these technological advancements could also make our lives much easier if we know how to use them properly. Developments such as e-commerce, e-health, online communication platforms and digital transportation booking systems were made to make our life less complicated and help us save time. Nevertheless, surveys show that less than 25% of people aged 15 to 65 in Bangladesh are aware of e-commerce platforms. 23% know that it can be used to book tickets or appointments; 19% know they can hire taxis or transport online; 13% know the Internet can be used to hire help, and only 10% know they can use the Internet to book accommodation.

Ensuring Digital & IT Skills for Children

This shows that Bangladesh is still lacking in technological advancement, but the youth of the current generation can change that drastically.

Recognising this, SuperKids and the JAAGO foundation have partnered to help today’s children reach their full potential. SuperKids, an initiative of CodersTrust Bangladesh, is a state-of-the-art learning platform that helps children learn cutting-edge IT skills effectively. All the courses are designed to help children in brain development, building their creative confidence and logical rationalisation and the art of persistence. Superkids and JAAGO Foundation signed an MOU to empower the children of the JAAGO Foundation with
so that the future generations of Bangladesh are digitally skilled from an early age.

The signing took place on 27 July 2022 at the Head Office of JAAGO Foundation in Banani. The ceremony was attended by the Country Director of SuperKids and CodersTrust, Mr Md. Ataul Goni Osmani, Executive Director of JAAGO Foundation, Mr Korvi Rakshand, and other key members from both organisations. JAAGO Foundation is delighted to be part of this initiative and believes this initiative will play a significant role in building the digital workforce and successful future leaders of Bangladesh.

This initiative will serve to be a big step in positively impacting the lives of our children by empowering them with necessary digital and IT skills development training. It will prepare them for the world they are about to face and help them build their confidence as well.

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