Help Students of JAAGO Foundation through Standard Chartered Saadiq Sadaqah Account

Help Students of JAAGO Foundation through Standard Chartered Saadiq Sadaqah Account

For the first time in Bangladesh, you can donate your bank account’s profit seamlessly to JAAGO Foundation. Now, you can support an underprivileged child’s education by opening a Saadiq Sadaqah Account in Standard Chartered Bank and help a child fulfill their dream!

The global pandemic is seeing an overwhelming urge amongst all of us to extend our helping hands – it has brought out a generous side that has never been seen so clearly before. With that thought, Standard Chartered has introduced a sustainable means, “Saadiq Sadaqah Account”, that can address the call for help coordinating with JAAGO Foundation.
Saadiq Sadaqah aims to support education for underprivileged children, which will lead to the sustainable development of society. Clients would be able to choose JAAGO at the time of opening a deposit account with Standard Chartered. The profit earned from that account would go to JAAGO, in compliance with Shariah principles. Money didn’t make such good sense before!

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About Standard Chartered Saadiq:

Standard Chartered has been offering world-class Islamic Banking solutions since 1993. Staying close to its core values, Standard Chartered’s global Islamic Banking brand, “Saadiq” (meaning truthful in Arabic), was launched in early 2007. It creates a distinct identity and reiterates the Bank’s commitment to providing innovative banking solutions based on Islamic values.

About JAAGO Foundation:

Since 2007, JAAGO Foundation has been operating schools for thousands of underprivileged children all over Bangladesh. Using the digital platform, JAAGO has been spreading quality education in rural parts of the country. Thousands of disadvantaged children are currently getting free of cost quality education in the National Curriculum English Version. After a decade of work in 2017, JAAGO was recognised by UNESCO as the Best Educational Organization in the world for utilizing ICT in education.

JAAGO aims to give vulnerable children fuller lives and better futures by providing holistic education. The JAAGO school provides books, uniforms, bags, stationeries, medical check-ups, nutritious boosts, and hygiene products. All these ensure a meaningful, educational experience for the children.

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