Here are 10 Organisations that support children’s education

Here are 10 organisations that support children’s education

Giving back to our society is always a gratifying experience, and sponsoring a child in need is one of the best ways to do that. Funding a child’s education is essentially helping them build their entire life. Quality education at a young age ensures that the child will have access to basic needs such as food, shelter and income later in life. It also helps unlock the full potential of children, so they grow up to be confident adults and the best versions of themselves. Sponsor a child programme is the best way to help underprivileged children. It is a more organised process and ensures that children in all areas are provided with equal opportunities for a better life. Below are some of the best organisations to sponsor a child.

Compassion International Bangladesh:

Compassion International is an American child sponsorship and Christian humanitarian aid organisation that, since its founding in 1952, has aimed for the positive development of children living in dire poverty as one of its global goals. Compassion International Bangladesh is an extension of this organisation. As an organisation mainly known for its advocacy on child sponsorship and guided efforts on educating those in dire straits, it strongly emphasises the personal relationship between a sponsor and a child. Every sponsor is connected with one child to build further the emotional connection children require in their prime years. Their child sponsorship program offers many positive development facilities such as prevention of malnutrition and child deaths, medical checkups and health care, educational assistance that includes school uniforms and post-secondary courses, etc. They also provide essential life skills training that helps build youth self-efficiency and empower families economically through income-generating activities and training.


UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is widely recognised as an agency of the United Nations responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children globally. With an impressive presence in over 192 countries, UNICEF’s main priorities are but are not limited to: preventing diseases from spreading amongst children, improving sanitation, providing education etc. During the pandemic, UNICEF supported the Bangladeshi Government in setting up virtual schools to ensure that education was not disrupted. Their sponsor a child program deals heavily with medical care for children in areas prone to health hazards. Through your financial contribution, they provide zinc treatment for children suffering from diarrhoea, a leading killer of children under the age of five, Vitamin A supplements for preventing blindness, deworming tablets, and measles vaccines for fifty children. By becoming a monthly donor to UNICEF, you will help save the children and provide them with a future in their hands.

Good Neighbors Bangladesh:

Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) is part of the Good Neighbors international development NGO founded in South Korea in 1991. Since its commencement, they have helped children of marginalised families through education, health services, economic security, protection, community development, sanitation, and disaster relief projects. GNB has a very devoted child program sponsor among the work they deal with. They have different packages for people to sponsor and a list of children provided for education sponsorship. Some of these sponsorship packages include “Maidens Dream”, “Together”, “Light of Hope”, “Dream Comes True”, etc. GNB also is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – the target set by the United Nations. They see it as their duty to achieve the SDGs and further build partnerships with the global civil society. With SDGs such as but not limited to Goal 1: No Poverty, Goal 4: Quality Education, Goal 13: Climate Action, etc. in mind, GNB completed the 3-year plan from 2018-2020.


JAAGO Foundation:

JAAGO Foundation is a non-profit and non-government organisation focused on the development of the nation through the help of education. Their primary focus is eliminating poverty through literacy. Established in 2007, JAAGO now has schools across 11 districts of Bangladesh with over 4500 students. In addition to the traditional schooling system, JAAGO has taken a unique approach to provide education for children in remote areas through its digital schools. Children in hard-to-reach areas attend school in a facility in their area physically but are taught by qualified teachers who are unable to be present there physically through digital platforms. JAAGO is the nation’s first digital school, and its online education programme has helped lower dropout rates. JAAGO also actively collaborates with many organisations to help ensure that the youth under its care develop digital skills and are well-equipped to navigate an Information Technology (IT) dominated world. Their Sponsor a Child programme enables the sponsor parents to take responsibility for as many children as they wish. The programme provides the children with every basic necessity, from quality education to nutritional food and healthcare. Besides education for underprivileged children, JAAGO also has programmes for other concerns such as environmental issues. They work actively to tackle problems under the SDGs and the volunteers in their youth wing. They also focus on social issues such as higher education for women.


ChildFund is a child-focused international development organisation that assists children who are marginalised due to poverty. Its mission is to provide services for these children that are financed by monthly child sponsorships. These services include providing them with vocational training, food, educational programs, aiding in childhood development, health and nutrition programs, and also water and sanitation development. Their sponsor a child model is based on a monthly contribution by sponsors and each donation is allocated based on the programs developed by each country. ChildFund strongly encourages the interpersonal relationship between a sponsor and a child. They encourage the use of letters and photographs for communicating with children. The letters are also translated by the organization to ensure easy communication. Sponsors are also allowed to meet their sponsored child, but they must undergo a background check to ensure the safety of the children. Since its founding in 1938, ChildFund’s commitment to aiding children has not wavered and they continue to make great strides in their progress toward humanitarian aid.

Children International:

Similar to ChildFund, Children International is a global humanitarian organisation that aims to help children escape the poverty trap. As an NGO that puts a lot of emphasis on breaking the cycle of poverty, they especially focus on helping children become educated and preparing them to contribute to society as well. Alongside having well-structured healthcare services for children, they provide student scholarships and various job-skill training programs. One such program is the “Into Employment” where the youth get to partake in training in various industrial mechanics. They can also take courses on sales techniques, customer service, accounting etc. Their sponsor a child program funds these activities and almost the entirety of their funding comes from private donations by sponsors affiliated with the organisation. Currently, Children International operate in 10 countries which include: India, Zambia, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, the United States, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, Philippines. They are also partnered with USAID, Peace Corps, and the United Nations, with the organisation aiding in their “The World We Want” campaign.

Plan International:

Plan International is committed to advancing girls’ equality and children’s rights through collaborating with kids, teenagers, our supporters, and partners. They advocate for all kids to have free, equitable access to high-quality education, from early learning to secondary education. They collaborate with governments, families, schools, and communities to safeguard children from danger. Plan International serves more than 50 nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America in terms of sponsored children, their families, and their communities. According to them, your contributions will offer access to life-changing education, and you and the kid you support will get to know one another better via your correspondence. They are under the impression that when you sponsor a child you give them the resources they need to develop and reach their full potential. Nonetheless, they are confident that utilising their child sponsorship program will alter your life and the child’s life.

SOS Children’s Village:

SOS Children’s Village is a Non-profit Organization (INGO) that has been working in Bangladesh since 1973 and provides underprivileged children and families with financial aid, child care, education and medical care. There are six SOS Children’s Villages in Bangladesh, along with numerous Youth facilities, schools, social centres and family strengthening programmes. They provide child-care and parenting guidance for families and even provide shelter for children unable to live with their families. They have a ‘sponsor a child’ programme. The children under their care are equipped with all the necessities for a bright future, such as a safe and loving home, free education, healthcare facilities, nutritional food, clothes, toys and other recreational activities.

Save the Children:

Save the Children was the first organisation to publicly assert that children had rights. They now fight for the rights of 2.3 billion children throughout the world. They have a track record of employing donations effectively and economically to transform the lives of children. Save the Children lets its outcomes, financial documents, and our nonprofit ratings speak for themselves when people inquire about the charity’s quality. Consumer advocates, respected publishers, charity monitors, and others concur that Save the Children is a top organisation you can rely on. When you sponsor a child, in the opinion of Save the Children, it has the potential to ignite change that spreads across children’s lives, their families, and entire communities. It costs around $1 per day to sponsor a kid via Save the Children. For $39 a month, you can become a sponsor. Your sponsorship is a real investment in the present and future of many children. Save the Children believes that no matter where they were born, the children you sponsor will grow up healthy, intelligent, and safe, thanks to your support.

World Vision:

Since 1950, World Vision has strived to improve the lives of vulnerable children. They are certain that their child sponsorship program will positively impact children living in the most challenging environments. You can help give education, food, protection, healthcare, income, and empowerment starting at only £26 per month. They believe that when you sponsor a child may help communities throughout the world educate children and ensure that future generations—not just one—do not experience poverty. Your sponsorship may assist in funding community improvement initiatives and groups, giving kids many chances to study and pursue higher education. They exchange nutrition expertise, assisting parents in providing wholesome meals for their kids and preserving millions of lives worldwide. Supporting a child may help World Vision develop new skills and give families a steady income to pay for necessities like food, clothing, and education. Overall, World Vision believes that sponsored children may enjoy happy lives and become future teachers, nurses, and leaders of their communities.

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