International Day of the Girl Child 2021

International Day of the Girl Child 2021

11th October is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of The Girl Child. This year’s theme, ‘Digital Generation, Our Generation’, recognises the profound transformations that have taken place as many countries turned towards high-tech education to ensure continuity of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the gender digital divide, girls are more likely to be missing out on precious learning opportunities than boys.

In the marginalised community, internet and smartphone penetration are very limited. It has not yet reached the high saturation rates of many countries. This includes thousands of students, for whom a basic internet connection is considered a luxury, let alone a computer; this alternative approach of online education is not possible. Moreover, girls are more likely to be cut off. In our society, where even boys receiving an education is not guaranteed, hoping that each and every girl will be educated is all but a pipe dream. Therefore, JAAGO has been working to break this barrier since 2007 by working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4, “Quality Education”. Using the digital platform, JAAGO is taking quality education to the most rural parts of the country. All students from our 11 schools receive education digitally, under the Bangladesh Government’s National Curriculum in English Version, including the 53% female students.

JAAGO is empowering girls of our generation by providing them with digital education using technology. These girls have become adept at the tools of the modern era. They are attending classes using computers with internet access, things considered a luxury for the vast majority of the country.

Making them digitally literate is a necessity that JAAGO hopes to fulfil, thus providing these girls with the tools and make tech accessible for them to tackle the 21st century with the utmost confidence. We hope this day will inspire an urgency to eradicate all the social dilemmas, distresses, and obstacles facing our girls. Let us band together and promise to create an environment for our girls where they can flourish and unleash all their potential. Let’s create opportunities for women and girls to use, lead, design tech and innovation with freedom & joy.

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