Sponsoring a Child Can Change Lives: Success Stories from JAAGO Foundation

Sponsoring a Child Can Change Lives Success Stories from JAAGO Foundation

Sponsoring a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It not only helps the child in need but also provides fulfilment for the sponsor. JAAGO Foundation is a non-profit organisation that provides education and necessary services to underprivileged children in Bangladesh. The foundation’s Sponsor a Child program has transformed many children’s lives. In this article, we will share some heartwarming success stories of children whose lives were transformed by JAAGO’s Sponsor a Child program.

The Impact of Sponsorship on a Child’s Life

Sponsorship can have a significant impact on a child’s life. It can provide access to education, healthcare, and other basic necessities in life. It can also help the child’s overall development and well-being. The program covers the child’s tuition fees, books, uniforms, and other educational expenses. It also provides healthcare services to ensure the child’s good health and well-being.

Real-life Success Stories

The following are some real-life success stories of children whose lives were transformed by JAAGO’s Sponsor a Child program.

Siam Hussain

Siam- JAAGO Success Stories

Siam grew up in the slums of Rayer Bazar and went to one of the world’s best international schools, United World College (UWC) in the USA on a fully-funded scholarship. Siam was a part of the first 17 students at the JAAGO Foundation’s school in 2007, and through hard work and determination, Siam completed his International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Currently, he is enrolled at Concordia College, USA.

Lelin Ahmed

Lelin Ahmed- JAAGO Success Stories-min

Lelin Ahmed, a former student of JAAGO Foundation School, now attends the Community College Initiative in Virginia, USA, with fully funded sponsorship. With dedication and commitment, Lelin was recently designated a Dean’s List honoree for his academic achievement.

Tamanna Akter

Tamanna- JAAGO Success Stories

Tamanna Akter, a student from the JAAGO Foundation, represented Bangladesh at the Model OIC High School Summit 2022 in Turkey. This is a huge feat, especially for Tamanna, as she never considered attending school before joining JAAGO. And today, she is starting her journey to attend United World College in Armenia.

Lily Hossain


Lily Hossain, one of our first 17 students, called JAAGO her home, where she studied, attended classes and made friends. Now, she has returned to her roots- this time not as a student but as a teacher. She is using her skills and experience to give back to her community.

Fatema Foraje


Fatema Foraje, one of the first 17 students, is a true inspiration – starting as a student at JAAGO Foundation School, she interned at the organisation’s headquarters while pursuing her bachelor’s degree. Currently, she teaches at JAAGO Foundation School and helps students in the community.


JAAGO Foundation’s Sponsor a Child program has transformed the lives of many children in Bangladesh. Through this program, children are provided with education and healthcare services, which help in their overall development and well-being. These success stories are a testament to the impact that sponsors can make on children’s lives. By sponsoring a child through JAAGO Foundation, you can make a difference in the life of a child and provide them with the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

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