JAAGO Foundation Founder, Korvi Rakshand Meets the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

JAAGO Foundation founder, Korvi Rakshand, meets the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Korvi Rakshand, the beloved founder of JAAGO Foundation, recently had the privilege of meeting Bangladesh’s revered and beloved Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, along with her younger sister, respected Sheikh Rehana.

His heart filled with gratitude, humility, and joy as he shared the news of us winning the 2023 Ramon Magsaysay Award with our Honourable Prime Minister. With great enthusiasm, she heard the story of JAAGO Foundation and expressed her support towards the initiative.

As we all know, under her stewardship, Bangladesh has witnessed remarkable progress in the field of education, and her tireless efforts have paved the way for countless opportunities for our nation’s youth. JAAGO Foundation has been fortunate to benefit from her visionary policies and initiatives, which have empowered us to reach even greater heights in our mission to provide quality education to underprivileged children across the country. We are deeply inspired by her commitment to ensuring education for all and pledge to continue working tirelessly to realise her vision.

During the visit, Mr Korvi Rakshand asked the Honourable Prime Minister if she could spare some precious moments for our students. With great enthusiasm, she expressed her interest in talking to our students. As he connected our Honourable Prime Minister with the students through our digital classroom, the students were left stunned. For them, it was like living a dream.

When asked about the experience of talking to the Honourable Prime Minister, Reshmi, a student from our Gaibandha school, said, “Since childhood, I have been watching our Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on TV and in newspapers. I always wondered if I would ever have the fortune to see her face-to-face. Today, we were all amazed when she suddenly joined our online class. We couldn’t believe that we were actually speaking to the Honourable Prime Minister. My parents were thrilled upon hearing the news. I am deeply inspired by our Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, and hope that one day I can also serve my country like her.”

On behalf of JAAGO Foundation, Volunteer for Bangladesh and the countless lives we have touched, we express our sincere gratitude to Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for this experience of a lifetime.

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