National Dialogue on Challenging Fear of Violence by Plan International Bangladesh & JAAGO Foundation


25 May 2022, Wednesday, Dhaka– Today’s youth are the future leaders of tomorrow and to build capacity and sensitization among them about challenging and conquering the fear of violence, Plan International Bangladesh and JAAGO Foundation launched a campaign on International Women’s Day 2022. The campaign was titled ‘Challenging Fear of Violence- Shohingshotar Bhoy ar Noy’. This campaign was designed to raise mass awareness among youth in Dhaka, Barishal, Rangpur and Cox’s Bazar.

On 25 May 2022, a national dialogue involving policymakers, NGO/INGOs, law enforcement representatives, and representatives from JAAGO and Plan International Bangladesh was held in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel. Youth representatives from different parts of the country were present at the event. Kashfia Feroz, Director- Girls’ Rights at Plan International Bangladesh moderated the discussion. This national dialogue aimed to discuss the situation around ‘fear of violence’, how it affects our daily lives and how to address the situation nationally.

One of the panelists of the discussion Mohd. Muhibuzzaman, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Women and Children Affair said, “The government has taken initiatives and involved women in all the government systems. We are moving towards transformation sharing gender defined responsibilities. We request young people to come and join us to be involved in the process.”


Ensuring the role of legal system Ms Taslima Yesmin Associate Professor, Department of Law, University of Dhaka highlighted on the improvement of Infrastructural system. She said, “We must ensure rehabilitation system for the victims.”

Mr. M.H. Tanshen, Country Representative Malala Foundation said, “We need collaborative space in educational institutes. We need to ensure quality teachers through proper training. Furthermore, the teaching methods of the teachers need to improve around fear of violence.”

Kamrun Nahar, Member, Naripokkho quoted that, “We want freedom, we don’t need protection.” She also emphasized on involving more youth and government officials into the process of challenging fear of violence.

Maleka Banu, General Secretary, Bangladesh Mahila Parishad encouraged the youth to challenge difficult situations they face. According to her, youth needs to come forward and stand up for themselves whenever they face any violence.

Ms. Kashfia Feroz, Director, Girls Right, Plan International Bangladesh, moderated the dialogue. She said, “Not only violence but also the fear of violence is a huge challenge for young people. By eliminating the fear, youth will be able to fully develop their potential.”


The overall discussion focused on how to work combinedly to overcome this challenge in the upcoming years and how we can focus more on the implementation level rather than the policy level. Two youth representatives shared their experiences in the session which was later reflected in the panel’s discussion as well. The dialogue reflected on how local youth can work with the policymakers and government to find a way forward.

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