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National Youth Assembly 2019 Begins

National Youth Assembly (NYA)

The third edition of National Youth Assembly 2019 (NYA) begins on 9th March 2019 taking the theme “Empowering Youth for National Development” in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The 4-day Assembly will continue JAAGO’s legacy of youth empowerment by being a platform to strengthen and mobilize youth with the skills and opportunities needed to be agents of impactful change. The conference connects the nation’s foremost young talent in the fields of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship, together with leading professionals, policy makers, and practitioners in various fields. Through discussions, skill-building workshops, networking sessions and ideation challenges, youth delegates from all over Bangladesh will gain relevant knowledge, resources and opportunities. It will enhance their ability to take action and build projects of their own throughout the year.

For the past 2 years, National Youth Assembly was organized to tackle society’s greatest challenges and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a better Bangladesh. The 4-day residential program will present a mix of speakers and coexisting panels on multiple issues. It is imperative that we engage the young talent and drive of Bangladesh’s 52 million youth, as Volunteer for Bangladesh has strived to do since its inception.

National Youth Assembly 2019 logo
National Youth Assembly 2019

In view of NYA’s commitment to creating impact for sustainable development, all sessions will seek to develop and strengthen tangible, pragmatic hard skills that can be put to immediate and effective use to solve local and global problems. Additional efforts will be made to foster soft skills such as creativity, collaboration, innovation and developing a national mindset. The overview of the assembly is available on the event website and up-to-date information will be disseminated minute by minute through JAAGO Foundation and Volunteer for Bangladesh social media platforms.