Access Lite


The goal of this Access-like Micro scholarship Program is to render opportunities for the participants to improve their English skills which will lead to better jobs and educational opportunities, including future exchanges and study in the United States.

Project Summary

Access-Lite is a Micro scholarship Program. The primary goal of this program is to provide opportunities for participants to enhance their English language skills, which can lead to improved job prospects and educational opportunities, including the possibility of future study or exchanges in the United States. The program’s primary objectives are to engage students in meaningful interactions and student-centred learning environments, age-appropriate activities that promote critical thinking, and effective communication, and raise awareness about community issues. Ultimately, the program empowers students to positively contribute to society.

Through this project, necessary skills such as English language skills, digital literacy, personal development, and social-emotional development are taught to underserved students between the ages of 13 and 20. The program has four phases: recruitment of teachers and students, after-school instruction, enhancement activities, and intensive sessions outside the classroom. The program recruits teachers who are proficient in English, experienced in using the communicative language teaching approach, and have worked with the appropriate age group for at least three years. The after-school instruction focuses on communicative English, critical thinking, US culture, democratic values, governance, education system, family, relationship values, health, gender issues, and STEM. The program also conducts enhancement activities such as experience-sharing sessions, service-learning projects, and motivational speeches. Intensive sessions are also held outside of regular class hours.

The project provides these marginalized children with lifelong skills that will help them in building their futures. By improving their English language proficiency and critical thinking skills, the students will have better job opportunities and be better prepared for higher education and US exchange programs. It also exposes the students to US culture, values, and governance, promoting cross-cultural understanding and increasing their global perspectives. Overall, the project positively impacts the students’ personal and academic growth, as well as their future opportunities.

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