Digital School Project by JAAGO Foundation

Digital School Program


JAAGO Foundation is providing free-of-cost quality education to 4500 children (age group 4 to 16) through 11 schools in 10 districts. Due to the educational quality gap in rural, urban, and hard to reach areas, JAAGO came up with the idea of starting online classes in a blended approach with quality teachers based in the capital city Dhaka to provide quality education to the underprivileged and hard to reach children through innovative use of ICT by overcoming geographical distance. Here, a rural classroom is connected to a qualified teacher in Dhaka via video conferencing technology. By using the vast resources and advantages of technologies, a live interactive classroom session brings the opportunity for children to embrace the world sitting in their classrooms. JAAGO supports the creativity of underprivileged children and values their input in society by providing education in the English version under NCTB (National Curriculum & Textbook Board).


The goal of this project is to provide ICT-based quality education under the national curriculum of Bangladesh to the underprivileged and hard-to-reach children of Bangladesh to break the cycle of poverty through quality education.

The greater objective remained to provide ICT-based quality formal education to underprivileged children of Bangladesh.

Activity Details

  • Conduct live digital classes based on NCTB English version Curriculum to the students of pre-primary to class 6 aged between 5+ to 13 years old.
  • Conduct a healthy living project to ensure their nutrition.
  • Provide medical support to the students through arranging monthly medical camp.
  • Provide counseling support to the students and parents to ensure their mental health.
  • Provide capacity-building training for the teachers.
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