Host Community-Based Environmental Action Education and Nutrition Program Megher School

Host Community-Based Environmental Action, Education and Nutrition Program


This project will seek to address the need for quality education, life skills, and employment opportunities for the underprivileged children and youth of four surfing clubs of Cox’s Bazar through close collaboration with parents and community. In this project, JAAGO Foundation will provide non-formal education to the surfing children and youth for three years. Currently, 100 surfer children and youth from 4 surfing clubs are attending live digital classes on Bangla and English languages, numeracy and financial literacy, environment and tourism, digital literacy, safety, and healthy living. Four trained teachers from Dhaka are taking the classes. Students are attending live classes five days a week two hours in a day. All 100 students are provided with tablets and internet packages to attend the classes. A content development team is developing a learning competency framework, course contents and teachers guidelines for three years based on the national education curriculum of Bangladesh. A need assessment and baseline study has been completed before setting and starting the competencies and content development. To ensure their nutrition and livelihood support each student is getting 4000 tks of monthly food support. In addition, they are being provided lifeguard training weekly. The project activities will support these children to get quality education to improve their learning and life skills to get better access to livelihood opportunities and to be a better citizen of the country.


This project is to strengthen existing local efforts and create learning, development, and livelihood opportunities for children and youth in Cox’s Bazar. The objectives are below at a glance:

  • To equip children and youth with the learning, life skills, and training they need to access better livelihood opportunities and break the cycle of poverty and hunger
  • Enhance school retention among those enrolled
  • Cover the basic daily food and nutritional needs of children and families engaged in the program.

Activity Details

  1. Conducting digital live classes and students are attending classes through zoom with the provided Tablets and internet data package.
  2. Conducted need assessment and baseline survey to know project beneficiaries and their learning.
  3. Developing learning competency framework, course contents and teaching guidelines for three years program based on the national non formal education curriculum of Bangladesh.
  4. Providing monthly food assistance of BDT.4000 to each beneficiary.
  5. Providing lifeguard training weekly.
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