Human Rights Education Club

Human Rights Education Club

The project’s primary output focused on strengthening and expanding the Human Rights Education Club in Bangladesh. This involved the training and empowerment of 20 youth leaders who gained a deep understanding of human rights and other related issues. The initiative was meant to help people learn more about important human rights issues like bullying, teaching girls how to defend themselves, and understanding the rights of transgender individuals. Through the active involvement in community initiatives, the youth leaders acted as agents of change, fostering a culture of human rights and actively working to prevent and address human rights violations. Their endeavors aimed to draw attention to these critical issues and advocate for the implementation of measures to safeguard and promote human rights for all individuals in Bangladesh.

Project Activity Summary

The project initiated a “Call for Action” campaign across social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to encourage youth engagement in the Human Rights Club. Special attention was given to ensuring the inclusion of marginalized groups within communities. Following this call, a rigorous selection process identified 20 youths out of over 450 applicants, representing diverse backgrounds in terms of age, gender, caste, race, socio-economic status, disability, and sexual orientation. These selected participants attended a two-day capacity-building training session in Dhaka, covering various aspects of human rights, problem identification, project planning, implementation strategies, and project monitoring and evaluation.

Once trained, participants formed 10 teams and were tasked with identifying human rights issues within their communities and proposing community action projects. Each team submitted one project proposal, resulting in the selection of three projects for implementation. These selected projects received seed funding, and all club members had the opportunity to contribute to these initiatives based on their preferences.

Before commencing the on-ground action projects, a virtual refresher training session was conducted for all 20 youth members via Zoom. This session aimed to reinforce their knowledge and skills related to human rights education, project planning, and community action project strategies. Through these activities, the project empowered and equipped the youth leaders to address human rights challenges in their communities effectively.

Over a two-month period, the project successfully implemented three community action initiatives in Dhaka. The first one is about Self-Defense for Women which empowered 150 participants with self-defense skills through workshops. Another one was focused on Speech for Peace which shared anti-bullying video speeches, reaching 259 users on Facebook. The third initiative was designed to raise awareness about transgender people. It conducted an interactive session at Dweep Ideal School, engaging 100 students and teachers, fostering understanding and empathy towards transgender individuals. These community action initiatives showcased the youth leaders’ commitment to addressing community issues and driving positive change through education and awareness.

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