Enable young people in Bangladesh to engage in, influence and co-create opportunities for youth as they relate to GenU’s Agenda

Skilled Futures: Enhancing the Abilities of Youth with Generation Unlimited


The GenU Bangladesh project aimed to empower young people in Bangladesh to engage, influence, and co-create opportunities for marginalised youth as they relate to GenU’s Agenda.

Project Summary

GenU (Generation Unlimited) Bangladesh, in partnership with JAAGO Foundation, aimed to identify, advocate for, and support equitable solutions that align with the GenU agenda which is to help every young person successfully transition from education and training to decent work.

Bangladesh Youth Action Team (BYAT) consisted of 10 team members in 8 divisions of Bangladesh and 8 divisional leaders who represented the youth at the national level where marginalised and vulnerable youth had been included. Applications were sent off in all eight divisions, shortlisting and selecting divisional-level members. An orientation meeting and residential workshop were held to prepare BYAT members to engage in community development and participate in the steering committee meeting. Additionally, young people from six divisions of Bangladesh participated in The GenU Imagen Ventures Youth Challenge, which was promoted through a campaign. Support was provided for boot camps, incubation, and final presentations at the national event. GenU Bangladesh has helped empower youth across Bangladesh and created positive change in their communities through these activities.

By participating in the challenge, young people gained valuable skills, knowledge, and experience, which helped inspire them to become more engaged and create positive change in their communities. The achievements of this initiative have been significant in terms of empowering young people in Bangladesh. It demonstrates the positive outcomes of encouraging young minds to influence and create opportunities in their communities.

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