Enable young people in Bangladesh to engage in, influence and co-create opportunities for youth as they relate to GenU’s Agenda

Enable young people in Bangladesh to engage in, influence and co-create opportunities for youth as they relate to GenU’s Agenda

Project Duration

July 2022-December 2022

Donor / Partner

Generation Unlimited/UNICEF


Eight divisions of Bangladesh

Target Group


Total Beneficiary

380 youth


The GenU Road Map 2021 – 2025 commits GenU Bangladesh to embrace a youth-led and youth focused approach to achieving its targets, by directly engaging young people as leaders and partners for Generation Unlimited, alongside representatives of the business community, civil society and government representatives, through its Steering Committee and subsequent working groups.

The overall purpose of the partnership is to set up, build capacity, and provide leadership, support and sustainability to GenU Bangladesh’s Youth Action Team (BYAT). The BYAT will enable young people across eight divisions of Bangladesh to positively influence and co-lead the realisation of GenU Bangladesh Road Map 2021 – 2025 and its aspirational targets in close partnership with the Steering Committee, technical task forces and Foundation Partners.

As GenU Bangladesh is centred on identifying, advocating for and supporting equitable solutions as they relate to the GenU agenda, reaching the most marginalised youth in Bangladesh, Jaago Foundation will in partnership with the GenU Secretariat, the GenU Youth Engagement Taskforce and Foundation Partners help ensure that marginalised and vulnerable youth, including those not in education, employment and training, are meaningfully included in BYAT.

BYAT will be launched in the beginning of third quarter of 2022 and organisational support, team building, and capacity will be provided by Jaago Foundation under this project document. Eighty young people will be invited to join BYATT, with team team members for each of the eight divisions of Bangladesh. From this pool, eight team members – one per division – will be elected by their peers to represent BYAT at the national level, on the GenU Steering Committee and across the GenU Task Forces.

As a key GenU partner, Jaago Foundation will also provide support to the implementation of GenU Bangladesh Imagen Ventures Youth Challenge 2022 across 6 divisions of the country specifically with promotion and outreach and support to shortlisted youth participating in bootcamps, in incubation and at national level presentation event.

Below outcomes and outputs will contribute to GenU Bangladesh Road Map 2021 – 2025 in the following impact areas:

Youth Engagement: Young people in Bangladesh are enabled to engage with, influenceand co-create their own development and opportunities in relation to the GenU.

Youth Entrepreneurship: Young people, especially young women and youth not in education, employment and training have the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to start their own businesses and are supported to thrive as entrepreneurs.

The overall outcome is to empower youth with youth leadership, action and voice to innovate and co-create with business socially impactful and climate-friendly solutions for the GenU Bangladesh agenda.


To build capacity for GenU Bangladesh’s Youth Action Team (BYAT) and empower young people to influence and co-create opportunities for their peers, with a focus on reaching marginalized and vulnerable youth.

Activity Details

GenU Bangladesh inauguration in all 8 divisions of Bangladesh

In order to introduce Generation Unlimited in Bangladesh, a series of inaugurations was organized in all 8 divisions of the country. The seminars were primarily focused on disseminating key information about Generation Unlimited and its vision for the youth of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Youth Action Team (BYAT)  and addressing queries of the potential youth participants aged between 15-24 years. Target youth representatives from respective divisions, GenU officials and foundation partners were present in the seminars along with JAAGO Foundation Trust project staff. All divisional inaugurations were organized in between the 5th to 26th of August, 2022. A total of 327 potential youths participated in the seminars where 200 participants were male and 127 were female. Respective project personnel from JAAGO Foundation Trust Trust’s project implementation team facilitated the seminars briefing the key aspects, features and eligibility criteria of the BYAT. A powerpoint presentation contained GenU’s background, challenges, potential solutions, BYAT structure, proposed activities and timeline. All the interactive inauguration seminars were followed by a Q&A session at the end.

Call for Registration

A call for registration was disseminated through social media platforms to connect potential youths to BYAT. The registration window was open for a month in all 8 divisions. The registration form was a google form which was developed to mobilize necessary information and reflections from the applicants. A total of 1888 young people filled out the form across the divisions where 588 female candidates, 1295 male candidates, and 2 from other genders applied along with 29 responses who didn’t mention their gender. From all the registered applications, we received 66 applications from the Barisal division, 378 from Chattogram, 801 from Dhaka, 180 from Khulna, 61 from Mymensingh, 168 from Rajshahi, 157 from Rangpur and 77 from Sylhet.

Shortlisting and selection of BYAT members

After reviewing the received applications, the best fit applicants were invited for a physical interview process at the divisional level. All the applicants were shortlisted based on set criteria, such as rural/urban, female/male and levels of marginalisation, including considering youth not in education, employment and training to ensure inclusivity and wide representation from diversified communities. Gender equality was maintained throughout the process for the members of the Bangladesh Youth Action Team (BYAT). A total of 223 applicants were invited to participate in the interview process from 7 divisions where 67 participants were female and 156 were male. All the invited youths were interviewed by JAAGO Foundation Trust  project officials in 8 divisional cities.Representative from GEN U bangladesh were also present in few of the interview processes. After assessing the youths’ mindset, commitment and understanding about BYAT through intense and uniformed conversations, 80 members were selected in 8 divisions of Bangladesh by October 2022.

BYAT Orientation Workshop

As 80 Bangladesh Youth Action Team (BYAT) members got selected, they attended a two days long orientation workshop in Dhaka in two batches where each batch had 40 members. Through the Orientation Workshop of the BYAT members, they got sensitized to prepare and participate in community intervention initiatives. In close partnership with BYAT, capacity building needs were identified so that BYAT members could build a foundation of self and social awareness skills for accelerating empathetic leadership. The Orientation Workshop of GenU BYAT of batch one and two was organized respectively on 4-5 November and 11-12 November, 2022 at Platinum Grand Hotel in Dhaka. 80 BYAT members from all eight divisions participated in the two days long residential workshop where they were oriented about Bangladesh Youth Action Team, roles and responsibilities of a BYAT member, problem solving techniques along with identified capacity building needs so that they can build a foundation of self and social awareness skills for accelerating empathetic leadership. The workshop was focused on technical skills, such as policy literacy and advocacy, gender, social identities and structures, digital literacy, transferable skills practice and future of work readiness. The capacity building activities strengthened the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that prepared the youths to adapt, contribute and thrive in a fast-changing world.

The workshop was organized by JAAGO Foundation Trust along with the necessary residential plannings for BYAT members ensuring their safety, security, presence, documentation and all required activities. On the workshop days, Esha Farooqe – Asst. Director, Fundraising & Grants Management from JAAGO Foundation Trust with her team was present conducting training sessions. Also, Marianne Oehlers, Thomas Vullings and Monjur Ahmed from Generation Limited (GenU) were involved in session conduction at the workshop. On the second day of the workshop, Mr. Korvi Rakshand – Chairman & Founder of JAAGO Foundation Trust and Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, Chair of Generation Unlimited were also present for the certificate giving ceremony and shared inspirational remarks welcoming the BYAT members. In addition, Mr. Korvi Rakshand arranged welcome dinner for all 80 BYAT members at his residence in order to energize them and inspire their increased engagement in community work. An overwhelming environment was created at the place where JAAGO officials, GenU officials, BYAT members and Korvi Rakshand were having a very interactive time followed by dinner for all.

Imagen Venture Youth Chalenge ​​Promotion and Call for Application

Based on the project plan, JAAGO Foundation Trust’s project implementation team conducted online and offline campaigns to inspire the youth to join the first-ever Imagen Ventures Youth Challenge 2022 in 6 divisions of Bangladesh through a virtual registration process. The intense promotional activities were followed by an online call for applications disseminated in all 6 divisions. Following are the activities with the target group were essentially reached.

  • Within the campaign duration, JAAGO Foundation Trust Trust deployed 12 digital contents in total through multiple Social media Platforms (Facebook Pages of JAAGO Foundation, Volunteer for Bangladesh(VBD), Instagram of JAAGO Foundation, Instagram of VBD, JAAGO Foundation Twitter, JAAGO Foundation’s TikTok Etc.)
  • In total, all these 12 digital contents achieved 7,951,277 unique user reach (Organic reach of the Influencer page exclusive)
  • Total number of National Press and Online News Coverage: 15
  • Total number of National Television And Electronic Media Coverage: 02 (Channel 24 and DBC)
  • Total number of Application Submission from all 6 divisions through Digital Lead Generation: 200+
  • Positive Youth Influencer Mobilized: 4 (Sakib Bin Rashid, Rafsan Shabab, Karinaa Kayser and Raba Khan)
  • To conduct the offline campaigns, a total of 200 youth volunteers of JAAGO Foundation Trusts’ youth network organised 40 institution-based campaigns in six divisions of Bangladesh l institutions in 6 divisions to introduce Imagen Ventures Youth Challenge among potential youths. A team of 5 youth volunteers conducted the campaign in each institution. A brochure was designed and shared during the campaign.

The overall walkability of the campaign had been satisfied with the most effective distribution of the contents, media budget and organic reach. The Communication strategy effectively influenced the youth to join the movement to stand against climate change impacts in Bangladesh. The comment section became a platform of dialogue for the youths. The contents generated ideas and awareness about climate change itself within its digital ecosystem on top of its offline on-ground intervention. The comment section raised debate, bantering, discussion on solutions and eagerness about the outcome of the campaign very loud and clear. Words of appreciation were achieved organically among the people of the closed community of Brand Practitioners and Development Communications practitioners.

ImaGen Venture Youth Challenge Boot Camp in six Divisions:

All the shortlisted youths of eight divisions who applied for the ImaGen Venture Youth Challenge 2022 on climate change mitigation, action and solutions, attended three days long non-residential boot camp in their respective divisions. Youths in groups of 3-5 members identified climate-related issues affecting human life everyday and designed probable solutions and presented them in front of external judges. The judges selected 20 winners from six divisions for the incubation. The boot camps were attended by GenU chair Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, representatives from UNICEF, ILO, JAAGO Foundation Trust along with GenU Foundation Partners such as representatives from UNILEVER Bangladesh, BYLC and the government. All the divisional boot camps were supported by 6 young volunteers in each from Volunteer For Bangladesh’s volunteer pool.


From all six Imagen Venture Youth Challenge in six divisions, a total of 20 teams (Dhaka -5, Barishal-3, Khulna-3, Chattogram-3, Rajshahi-3, Sylhet-3) got selected to receive seed money for implementing their solutions on the ground. JAAGO prepared agreements and related financial documents for the winning teams. After signing the agreements, seed money had been transferred to the teams to kickstarting the incubation. Also, JAAGO collected the mid and final reports of the projects those were in incubation.

Steering Committee Meeting

Based on the project plan and agreements, necessary funds have been transferred for the implementation of the activities. However, the GenU steering committee meeting is rescheduled upon the recommendations of Generation Unlimited Program Manager, Bangladesh. The meeting is scheduled to be arranged between January and February 2023. Divisional BYAT leaders and representatives of Imagen Venture Youth Challenge winner teams will participate in the meeting with GenU steering committee members and reflect on the work they implemented on the ground.


Output 1: A diverse and representative GenU Bangladesh Youth Action Team (BYAT) established and functional with 10 team members in 8 divisions of Bangladesh and 8 divisional leaders representing youth at national level.

Output 2: Young people in six divisions of Bangladesh have participated in the GenU Imagen Ventures Youth Challenge, incubated and pitched emerging youth led solutions for climate change impact.