NZ Embassy Improving Menstrual Health Management Practice Among Underprivileged School Girls


  1. To sensitise local-level school-going underserved girls with necessary knowledge and information of Menstrual Health Management for improving health safety.
  2. To sensitise local-level school-going underserved girls and boys with the necessary knowledge and information on Ending Gender Stereotypes to ensure gender equality.


Project Summary

The project has been initiated by the JAAGO Foundation to address the lack of knowledge and persistent taboos surrounding Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and Gender Stereotypes among young girls. The project aims to empower students from five schools in underserved communities where MHM issues have a significant impact. This initiative focuses on disseminating essential information about Menstrual Health Management and Ending Gender Stereotypes, involving both boys and girls, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders.

To achieve this, 25 youth leaders have been selected and trained on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and Ending Gender Stereotypes. They are actively conducting sensitisation workshops in the five selected schools, benefiting a total of 249 girls and 221 boys, along with 100 teachers and 35 school management committee members. Furthermore, each school has established a Girls Champion Club, promoting communication between female students and school authorities. Alongside this, five Girls Support Corners have been set up and are currently managed by the Girls Champion Club, offering essential support to students regarding MHM issues. This includes providing free sanitary napkins and emergency medication during school hours. The ongoing project continues to directly benefit 249 girls and 221 boys, with an indirect impact on 895 individuals, including parents, teachers, and school administration members. All participants are within the age range of 10-15 and are attending grades 4-7 in five different districts of Bangladesh.

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