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JAAGO Women Scholarship Program


Women continue to face gender inequalities worldwide, including child and forced marriage, gender-based violence, discriminatory legislation, and impediments to participation in school and work. Investment in girls’ education has a transformative impact on societies, countries, and the world. Investing in women’s education is key to their fundamental rights, to Increase literacy rate, to eliminate human trafficking, for political representation of women, for equality in society, and for poverty reduction.

U-Go, with the collaboration of JAAGO INC, want to remove barriers to schooling for underprivileged girls by addressing and providing a solution for their financial impediments through scholarships. Through the initiative Girls Education Scholarship Program, the organization wants to support the meritorious underprivileged girls’ students in pursuing their higher education and contributing to society. The scholarship will be awarded in three cohorts, with 100 girls in each cohort benefiting from the program for four years monthly. Moreover, the girls’ students at Public Universities in Bangladesh are only eligible for the scholarship program, and every selected girl will receive USD 650 to USD 800 per year.


  1. To provide financial assistance to underprivileged girls aged 16-23 who wish to pursue higher education.
  2. Diversity in the workforce or industry can be achieved by supporting girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them reach their educational goals and becoming valuable workforce members.
  3. Motivating and encouraging hard-working and talented girls in the field of study.

Activity Details

A rigorous selection process is being followed to select the ideal candidate for the scholarship program. The selection process includes the following steps:

  1. Call for Applications.
  2. Shortlisting.
  3. Interview.
  4. Reference and background check.
  5. Final Assessment.
  6. Announcement.

In partnership with U-Go, JAAGO Foundation awarded the “JAAGO Women Scholarship” to 276 meritorious young women. To know more about the awardees, click the button below.

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