Let’s Read Together


To ensure the usage of safe internet among children and create inclusive digital opportunities for students from all classes and backgrounds to strengthen their knowledge and reading capacity.  

Project Summary

The increasing use of digital technology has brought about a new era of learning and communication. However, this has also resulted in new challenges, such as the need for safe internet usage and addressing the digital divide that exists among different classes and backgrounds. To address these issues, this project aims to promote safe internet usage and create inclusive digital opportunities for students from all backgrounds. Its primary objective is to enhance primary-grade students’ reading skills through storytelling approaches and to shift their focus to productive screen time. 

The project sensitises 2500 students from 25 schools across five districts in Bangladesh about safe internet usage and digital learning. Volunteers are recruited from these districts and trained virtually for two days to build a clear understanding of project plans and activities, including safe internet protocols, read-aloud instructions, ideas for engaging with families and communities, child protection policies, and more. After training, volunteers are circulated in their respective areas to find five suitable schools in each district. The volunteers sensitised the parents about safety guidelines and information about the learning application and its usage and guided the students to download the app on their parents’ phones. A week-long campaign was conducted throughout all 64 districts of Bangladesh from the 22nd to the 28th of April. JAAGO also collaborated to develop grade-wise collections on the Let’s Read library based on the Bangla curriculum.

The impact of this project is significant, as it brings about a new and innovative way of E-learning in the locality. Children are able to learn in an interactive way, and people, including youths and older people, are happy with these initiatives. The app creates a bridge between traditional and digital learning, and parents are made aware of the digital app. Teachers are introduced to a new way of teaching through this app. It also increases the knowledge of students about safe internet usage.

Additionally, reading skills are improved, and storytelling capability is enhanced. Students are introduced to the learning application ‘Let’s Read’, and students and their parents have free access to this digital and online content. Overall, the project has positively impacted the community by promoting digital learning and improving educational outcomes.

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