Shabdhane Online A

Shabdhane Online A


  1. To build the capacity of youths on proper usage of the internet and social media through participatory capacity-building interventions using the internet.
  2. To sensitise the broader population on safer usage of the internet and social media platforms.


Project Summary

The “সাবধানে অনলাইন এ” project, a collaboration between JAAGO Foundation and TikTok, is still making progress in teaching Bangladeshi youth about internet safety and responsible social media use. After the first phase in 2022-2023, which covered the Rajshahi and Rangpur Divisions, the project is now in its second phase, reaching more areas.

In this phase, the project is directly working with 630 young people in 18 districts of Khulna, Sylhet, and Mymensingh through a workshop called “Online Safety Adda.” The project has already reached 0.6 million people on social media in two months, sharing important messages about online safety. A big part of this project is a video competition for workshop participants. This encourages young people to use what they’ve learned to create videos about staying safe online and using social media responsibly.

The project also uses offline methods like press releases and events to get the word out about their initiatives. The project will end with a special event called the “Divisional Meet Up,” where participants from different districts, along with government and non-government organisations, will talk about online safety.
The “সাবধানে অনলাইন এ” project is working hard to teach Bangladeshi youth about online safety through workshops and video competitions, both in online and offline methods and is dedicated to making the internet safer for young people in Bangladesh.

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