Voice of youth

Voice of Youth


Increase awareness and youth participation in the electoral process, ensuring their voices and concerns are recognised and addressed by authorities.


Project Summary

JAAGO Foundation is currently engaged in a project focused on raising awareness and improving knowledge dissemination regarding electoral participation among youths. This initiative directly benefits approximately 2500 youths across all 64 districts of Bangladesh. The project includes a series of youth-led debates, political dialogues, and voter awareness workshops that engage and inform the youth.

The project encompasses a perception survey conducted among first-time voters to understand their perspectives on voting, the election process, and key election-related topics. Subsequently, a series of debates and dialogues will take place, focusing on vital electoral issues and opening discussions on matters like road safety, education, health concerns, environmental issues, and job safety, all highly relevant to the future of the youth. This component also invites representatives from political parties to observe these debates and participate in panel discussions, fostering informed conversations among young, first-time voters.

Additionally, the project addresses election integrity monitoring. A comprehensive module and survey questionnaire are developed for youths to analyse election integrity through media and public perception. Young individuals are selected and provided with capacity-building training on election integrity monitoring. These participants spread across ten constituencies all over Bangladesh, work to gather information from various election-related stakeholders and monitor media channels for election-related incidents, which are analysed to understand Bangladesh’s overall situation.

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