Youth Dialogue With Decision-Makers Youth Voice Matters

Youth Dialogue With Decision-Makers: Youth Voice Matters


Young people (18-35 years) constitute one-third of Bangladesh’s population (BBS, 2015). This youth bulge offers a great potential of demographic dividend for the country, which will end in 2040. Harvesting the benefits of demographic dividends depends on how young the people will be integrated into the development process. This workshop and online dialogue were needed for future generations to be inspired to participate in democracy and good governance.


To developed a positive relationship between youth and the political representatives to create a positive impact at the policy level concerning youth roles in democracy and good governance.

Activity Details

Registration: Social media shared a call for registration among the youth. A total of 64 participants from 64 districts across the country were selected based on their knowledge of governance and democracy for joining the event.

Workshop: A sensitization workshop engaged youth in understanding good governance and empowering their understanding of democratic values to life, leading to the overturning of authoritarian practices. It focused on strengthening their mindset on asking questions relevant to democracy and good governance. The workshop comprised group works and explored new youth perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of democratic inclusion in theory and practice. This workshop allowed the youth to envision the country’s growth in the next 50 years. A facilitator was present in the workshop to guide the learning.

Online Dialogue: With the presence of 5 multi-party youth leaders as panelists, the dialogue was effective and eventful as 64 youth from 64 districts shared their views, expectations, and involvement in the democratic process of the country.

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