Rafiq, a Great Footballer in the Making

Rafiq, a Great Footballer in the Making

Most people miss opportunity because it looks like work and is dressed in overalls, whereas in any case, I have tried to make the most of any opportunity that came my way.

My life almost halted as my mother lost her job, and subsequently, my education had to be discontinued. Still, things started getting uphill when I was enrolled in JAAGO Foundation’s school. My life was soon filled with a heap of opportunities once I began attending their classes. As I learned more about the school’s extracurricular activities, I gained insight into them, and it immediately drew my attention when I realised that I could play football there.

While growing up, I was always fascinated by football, but after my mother lost her job, I had to stop all my activities and my studies to help her earn money and make ends meet. By sheer chance, I joined the JAAGO school, and all my dreams were rekindled. I once more had the opportunity to play football, which has always been dear to my heart.

As one of the best football players on the planet, I’ve always looked up to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as my role models. As time goes on, I strive to become like them through sheer hard work and dedication. My ideal thing to look forward to is the Qatar World Cup 2022, as I’ve been waiting for it for a long time now. My favourite teams in this world cup are Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and others. In terms of my favourite team, it has to be Portugal, because my role model and favourite player Ronaldo plays for them. It’s one of my greatest ambitions that someday I can participate in the world cup myself.

Rafiq, a Great Footballer in the Making

Until joining the JAAGO school, I believed my vocation in football had totally vanished, and my only commitment was helping my mother earn bread and butter, but after joining them, my hope reignited once more. I was inspired by the teachers in the JAAGO school to achieve my lifelong goal of becoming a football player and continue to fight for it. The experience bolstered my confidence and motivated me to never let go of my dreams. My friends over there helped me to train on the school’s football pitch, and from then on, I never looked back.

Jamal Bhuiyan stands out among all Bangladeshi footballers to me because he inspires me greatly. Meeting him has always been a dream of mine, and I am looking forward to the time when we finally meet. I’ve convinced myself that I’ll represent Bangladesh someday through football internationally. My goal is to make everyone around me proud by living up to their expectations and making them happy, especially my mother who has been my constant support from the very beginning.

It is vital to me to continue training for football and to work diligently to reach my goals but without JAAGO Foundation’s continuous support and faith in me, all this would remain just a dream.

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