Safe to Bleed

Menstruation is still considered taboo in Bangladesh. A problem that continues to persist in both privileged and underprivileged communities due to the lack of knowledge about proper Menstrual Hygiene Management practices and SRHR rights among women and girls. Considering the long term effect of poor menstrual practice, We, JAAGO Foundation in collaboration with Shaati Foundation came forward to break the cycle of Period Poverty. A survey was conducted by the youth volunteers of JAAGO Foundation to find out the slum dwellers perception of the usage of sanitary pads and their knowledge on maintaining menstrual health. Followed by a day-long behaviour change intervention session on SRHR rights and the significance of the safe menstrual practice. Sessions were carried out by experts from Shaathi using their safe menstrual health practice module and youth volunteers of JAAGO Foundation. In addition to this, underprivileged adolescent girls from that area were provided with three free of cost biodegradable cloth pads.

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