School During Pandemic

I am Sohel, and I study in Kindergarten at JAAGO Foundation Habiganj school. I lost my father last year, and now my mother is the only earning source of our family. When CORONA hit and schools were closed, my mother got worried about my education. With the schools closed, the first week was fun. But gradually, my siblings and I became pretty bored. The only option was to sit at home and keep a distance from teachers, friends, and neighbours. When my teacher came home one day and told us about the Telephone Education system (TelEd initiative), I got very excited and glad that schooling hasn’t stopped altogether. We happily accepted this Telephone Education initiative. However, as we live inside the tea garden area, we barely get any network coverage inside the house. So, I started doing classes in a vacant place near my house where I always bring my school supplies, mobile, a stool, and a table. Sometimes I share my regular activities with the teachers personally over the phone. This has enabled me to become more open and interactive.

At this young age, Sohel has the zeal and excitement to learn. He wants to come back to the classroom soon. With your help, thousands of students like Sohel can get Quality Education and achieve their dreams.

Under the safeguarding policy to protect the child’s rights, either the name or the picture, or both, have been changed.

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