Siam: JAAGO’s first student to get UWC Dare to Dream scholarship

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Siam, grew up in the slums of Rayer Bazar and is now bound for one of the world’s best international schools, the United World College (UWC) in the US with a fully-funded scholarship. Siam was a part of the first 17 students at JAAGO’s school in 2007, and through hard work and determination, Siam is on his way to accomplishing his dream of becoming a doctor.

At the age of six, Siam was admitted to the JAAGO foundation’s Rayerbazar School in 2007. After 12 years he went to pursue higher education at the UWC campus in Montezuma, New Mexico.

“I couldn’t be the person I’m today without JAAGO’s love and care”

said Siam

“Learning and gaining knowledge through fun is the key to our success,” Siam added. He also expressed his gratitude to his ‘sponsor parents’ who backed his educational expenses since his enrollment in JAAGO School back in 2007. Through the JAAGO Foundation, an American couple Ishraq Shabib and Sharif Suraiya sponsored Siam for 10 years and later Dr. Farhana Rashid Shumi started to sponsor him.

Siam’s father Md Billal Hussain, who works as a caretaker, was in tears at the ceremony arranged by JAAGO Foundation celebrating Siam’s success. “JAAGO Foundation has been working tirelessly to fulfill our dreams and of our children for the past 12 years,” he said.

Siam: JAAGO’s first student to get UWC Dare to Dream scholarship

Siam’s story is just an example of the opportunities that are available for the underprivileged when quality education is made a priority. There are thousands of other children like Siam, that are just looking for an opportunity to earn a better life for themselves and their families. We can give them that. Together, we can change their lives!

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