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Sponsor A Child

Help bring a sustainable social change.

Do you wish to see an entire underprivileged community gradually come out of the wrath of poverty? Just make a wish, and JAAGO is here to make your noble wish come true!!!

BDT 2000 (USD 27 / GBP 20)

Per Month

The socio-economic background of all our children means they go through a sense of social deprivation since birth. This grow in manyfold as they themselves grow up. Standing beside even only one such child  can bring a meaningful change in that family, which would in turn help them break the shackles of poverty and live a life with dignity.

We can connect you with all our 3500 students, each of whom can inspire you through their vividly challenging daily-life stories and their desperate efforts for a better future! And you can inspire them by supporting at least one of our students’ monthly education cost of BDT 2000 (USD 27 / GBP 20) through our Sponsor A Child program.


School Bag


Education Materials

Medical Support

Co-curricular Activities

Nutritious Food

Quality Education

With your monthly donated BDT 2000, you will be helping a child-in-need getting a new school uniform, new school bag & necessary school supplies. Not only that, included in this BDT 2000 are the cost of the weekly nutritious meal and basic medications that we try to ensure in all our 12 schools. Your monthly contribution also enables us design and run multiple co-curricular activities all throughout the year!

JAAGO schools are like many other formal schools that follow the National Government Curriculum in English Version. Your contribution however small it seems to you help us bigtime operate all our  12 schools nationwide.

Sponsorship Expense Breakdown.

The principal operating cost of our 12 school branches comes through the “Sponsor A Child” program. Under this program, any individual or organization takes financial responsibility of at least one of our children’s education.


FAQ - About Sponsor a Child

What is sponsor a child and how does it work?

When you decide to sponsor a JAAGO child, you sign-up for a monthly donation of BDT 2000 (USD 27 / GBP 20) to support a deprived child’s school education. With this tiny amount, that is less than even $1 a day, you can offer a disadvantaged child a dignified future.

How can I Sponsor A Child at JAAGO?

After you have wished to sponsor a child with us, at first you will need to fill up our Online Registration Form (click here).

As you start filling up this form, you will provide us a few basic contact information just to establish further communication with you. As you submit us the filled-up Online Registration Form, a designated Relationship Manager (RM) from our Child Welfare & Sponsorship Department will respond to your query within two working days.

Would I be able to know the child whom I am sponsoring?

Yes. after you have signed up, we will send you a child’s profile. In this e-profile,  you would get the basic details of the child and of his/her family, along with a recent photograph of the child.

How does a sponsored child benefit from my monthly donation?

Your monthly sponsorship of BDT 2000 (USD 27 / GBP 20) covers a lot more than the classroom education for a deprived child. With that money. each JAAGO child is ensured:

  • 1. Skilled and trained teachers
  • 2. Uniform
  • 3. School bag
  • 4. Education Materials
  • 5. School supplies
  • 6. Health Care / Medical Support
  • 7. Co-curricular Activities.
  • 8. Quality Education

Why would I sponsor a child from JAAGO Foundation rather than any other organization out there?

JAAGO is a registered not-for-profit organization operating under Bangladesh Civil Society Act.  JAAGO, over the last decade, has been working to provide access to quality education for the underprivileged children of urban slums and remote regions of rural bangladesh.

JAAGO was the pioneer organization to come up with ‘Online School’ concept back in 2011.  3,000 Children from some of the most remote regions of the country are getting access to quality education through our online school.

The daily classes are conducted from our online teachers’ center located at Rayerbazar, Dhaka, through latest ICT infrastructure support. Today JAAGO runs 12 schools nationwide.

 We follow the English version of Bangladesh Government’s school education curriculum. *** (to know the exact terms)

Can I physically meet my sponsored child?

JAAGO always encourages and appreciates all our sponsor parents to establish an emotional bonding with their designated children through Physical Visits, Skype Meetings or Phone calls.

What if I cannot continue to support the child at a specific time, will the child stop his/her education?

It is very important for a child to have a sponsor, it not only reduces the organization’s financial burden but also when a child has a sponsor parent with him/her, it gives him/her a sense of mental security and empowerment. Our Child Sponsorship program is a non-binding contract with no obligation except we urge a two (2) months prior notice to be given to us, if for any unavoidable circumstances you wish to discontinue your journey with us. The time frame would grant us a suitable time frame to arrange another sponsor parent for that child.

Can I donate if I live abroad?

Yes. You can donate from abroad through our internal payment gateway and also by using Global Giving platform. We are registered in UK  and USA and have Bank Accounts in both countries.


Your one small act of generosity and sacrifice can pull a child out of poverty and ignorance to give him/her a childhood to cherish.

Sponsor's Parents

Not everyone can take the time out to take an initiative themselves to help these kids, but when there’s a trustworthy organization like JAAGO where we can donate safely knowing that they will use the donations appropriately, a lot of people are assured and able to contribute.

Sponsor's Parents

I feel really bad because I never get the time to visit Sinthiya (sponsored child) much, unfortunately because of my work. I would really like to visit my kid more. I do tell people a lot about JAAGO. I try my best to spread the awareness and see if more people are interested.

Sponsor's Parents

I’m happy with the way they’ve been managing it because every now and then I keep getting information, report cards, wishes and so much more! I think I did this out of my social obligation and that everyone should do it. It’s nothing very difficult. It’s a moral obligation of ours to help these kids.