Story of a Sponsor Parent

Zeenat Zaman, a professional broker, is a Bangladeshi immigrant living in Washington, USA. She first came to know about the JAAGO foundation through a Facebook advertisement. The purpose behind our work influenced Zeenat to begin her first child sponsorship. She has been a part of the JAAGO Family for four years now and has been helping us grow ever since. She ensures that she’s in touch with her sponsor child even if she’s not visiting Bangladesh often. The determination of JAAGO’s children toward education even during this COVID-19 pandemic made her enamoured with the kids. All the support inspired her to sponsor another kid to support their educational needs during this pandemic.

Recently she stopped by our Banani school during her Bangladesh visit, and the loving and cathartic environment created by all the little kids made her feel proud to be a part of JAAGO. These Kids have big dreams and the potential to become the change we all have been eagerly waiting for to happen in this country. But they aren’t lucky enough to attain the luxury of education. This thought made her feel compelled to sponsor one more child. Currently, she is a sponsor parent of three kids of the JAAGO Foundation. She said, ‘The fact that the JAAGO Foundation is allowing me to contribute for the future of my country, for the betterment of my country from overseas; always makes me feel truly content and thankful’.

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