Surfer Zakir from Megher School

Surfer Zakir from Megher School

I am Zakir and I am 12 years old. I live with my mother and elder sister in a village in Cox’s Bazar. When I was only two months old, my father died in an accident, and the onus of raising two children fell to my mother. To support our family and supplement my mother’s income, I started selling pearl necklaces to tourists on the beach. Hence, my dreams to pursue my education was never an option for me.

My only escape through struggles was the ocean. Out on that endless expanse, riding out the waves with my surfboard, I find solace. I have been an avid surfer for the past seven years. A recent unfortunate accident made me unable to surf. I was devastated and it felt like I was living in this darkness with no hope.However, like it says, all darkness has a light and I found my light at “Megher School”. It gave me a new meaning to my life and now I yearn for the day I can get back out on the water as well as pursue my education.

When I started attending online classes at the JAAGO foundations’ Surfers Megher School” funded by the World Food Programme, my mother was beyond relieved. The school has been an enormous blessing as I get digital education and also bring home monthly food rations distributed by the World Food Programme. Being able to contribute significantly toward my family’s well being has made me adamant about continuing my studies alongside surfing.

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