Thalassemia Couldn’t Stop Little Mokaroma

Little Mokaroma studies in Kindergarten at JAAGO Foundation Teknaf School. A few months ago she was diagnosed with life threatening disease Thalassemia,  a disease that requires frequent blood transfusions. It became difficult for Mokaroma’s family to continue her treatment. Being a single parent, her mother could not manage blood transfusions each month due to the financial constraints and the rare blood group of Mokaroma (O negative). After a relentless struggle to find a Blood donor during this lockdown, our Project Officer from Teknaf School finally managed a donor for the little girl. Furthemore, the JAAGO Foundation is bearing her monthly medical expenditure so that Mokaroma can continue with her treatment.


Even with all these obstacles, Mokaroma hasn’t quit her education. With JAAGO Foundation’s Telephone Education project, she is continuing her education through telephone and text messages. Her mother appreciates the idea of getting the students back in education through Telephone learning. She is thankful that the idea of studying at home is good for her child and allowing her to continue her education.

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