Volunteer to the rescue!

Volunteers to the Rescue Fire in BM Container Depot in Sitakunda Chattogram

I am Md. Rakib Hazi and I work as the General Secretary of VBD Chandpur District Board. Being responsible towards the country and to the helpless people is the meaning of volunteerism for me.

In the wake of the second wave of the pandemic, our country started facing a terrible situation. Many districts were lacking oxygen support and unavailable hospital seats, Chandpur district being one of them. In this emergency situation, I chose to volunteer for the COVID-19 affected people in my neighbourhood. I decided to supply oxygen to the emergency patients. To implement this initiative properly, I took training on operating the oxygen cylinder to serve my community. With the help of VBD Chandpur District, I raised funds to manage two oxygen cylinders and formed a team for the emergency service. In this process, I made my telephone number the hotline number and shared it with my community to serve all the patients who needed oxygen.

I spent so many sleepless nights just to help all the people in need. And I hope to raise more funds to help more people with oxygen cylinders.

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