Volunteers Bring Help to Flood Victims of Bangladesh

Volunteers Bring Help to Flood Victims of Bangladesh

The recent flood has caused havoc in Sylhet, Sunamganj and others parts of the country, leaving people with no food and water. Since the beginning of this crisis, JAAGO Foundation, with the help of our generous supporters and volunteers, have worked relentlessly and provided people with food, medicine and other necessities.

Standing neck-deep in flood water, volunteers are reaching out to people to provide necessary relief packages. Several people and organisations have come forward with aid from different places. The aids have been packed up and distributed to the affected families by our volunteers with great effort.


With the flood waters receding, there was a rise in waterborne diseases in the country. People suffered from diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, fever, skin infections and other waterborne diseases. Ensuring the availability of drinking water was our top priority. So far, we have helped thousands of families. In addition to providing clean drinking water and food, JAAGO has begun working on the post-flood situation.

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