Volunteers Stepped Up as Floods Have Submerged a Quarter of Bangladesh

Volunteers Stepped Up as Floods Have Submerged a Quarter of Bangladesh

There is water all around. The floodwater has inundated several areas in the north-eastern part of Gaibandha District. Both the flood and the spread of COVID 19 has made the situation worse for these people. Life has come to a standstill.

The miseries of the flood-affected people know no bounds, their sky has been overcast with dark clouds, they don’t know what they will eat, what they will do tomorrow. The village of Rasulpur, Chhatarkandi, is 15-18 miles away from Gaibandha city, which has been flooded. The people have become homeless, without food and with no medical facilities.

Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), the youth wing of JAAGO Foundation, has come forward and stood beside them with the support of the volunteers in Gaibandha district. They have distributed various essential items including dry food among the villagers. They also provided them with the necessary information to combat floods and how they should seek emergency support.

The volunteers hired a boat and travelled to the village area in the face of heavy rain and strong winds. Though these acts of volunteerism are never enough to totally eradicate the sufferings of the affected people, the volunteers have shown the utmost courage and importance of living in an effort to ease the suffering of these people in any way possible. The volunteers are looking to raise more funds as their drive to help the affected people goes on.

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